What’s at Stake?

March 23rd, 2010, President Obama signed health
reform the Affordable Care Act into law. This ensured hard-working, middle class families
would get the security they deserve. Unfortunately, for the 37th time, Congress
is voting to repeal the law. Whats at stake for Americans if the law is
repealed? Starting in 2014, up to 1 in 2 non-elderly
Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions lose the security of knowing they cannot be
denied coverage or charged more due to a pre-existing condition, like cancer or
even asthma. 2 in 5 uninsured Americans under 65 would
not gain health insurance by 2023. 1 in 5 Young Adults between 19 to 25 lose
coverage through their Parents� plans. 1 in 6 seniors would pay a total of $5.7 Billion
More for prescription drugs 9 in 10 seniors would pay more for Preventive
Care 1 in 3 women would lose guaranteed access
to �Preventive Care, like mammograms and birth control, with no
out-of-pocket costs. Repeal of the law would create uncertainty
for millions of middle class Americans. Raising their taxes, putting insurance companies
back in charge and increasing the Federal budget deficit.� How would it affect you? To learn more, go
to healthcare.gov.

Zane Wilson

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