What’s at stake for Theresa May after the E.U. Brexit summit

Zane Wilson

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  1. So predictable. Between now and October 31st, the Neo-Marxist/Homofascists will push exceptionally hard for a new referendum.

  2. There is no "crashing out." There is only a "setting free." Brits, you better remove this woman, or you're going to lose your country.

  3. She's still the same lemming-like monster, sitting in her car on top of the cliff … the artificial handbrake is only temporary.

  4. The US Department of Justice raised allegations against Greg Craig, a former presidential adviser (Nobel laureate) Barack Obama, in giving false testimony. It is noted that he lied about working for the Ukrainian authorities in 2012. This charge is part of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller.
    There are all evidences to think that he was following the order of Obama. And the fact that the Nobel laureate Obama lied all this time with the aim of staging a coup against the current president, on false accusations.
    For giving false accusations to the Nobel laureate Barack Obama and his subordinates, there is a prison term. He was a liar.

  5. I love the stab-in-the-back myth Brexiteers have fled to. 2-3 years ago, the deal was still the easiest deal in history to achieve. The EU just needs the UK so much more than the UK needs the EU. Reality just hasn't quite confirm that, has it? So as the Brexit demanded by Brexiteers could be impossibly the reason for this failure, a scapegoat was needed. May is perfect for that role simply because she is an awkwared and not very charismatic person to begin with. It is lunacy however to believe the fool Boris or one of the even more deluded die hard Brexiteers would have gotten any better deal, or could have more easily convinced Parliament to shoot the country in the head with a no-deal Brexit.

  6. she is the only one with the answer to get us out of this mess, her deal work's, the problem is parliament and MP are playing party politic's at the expense of the country

  7. She is dishonest and I have no words how I can explain my feeling of this dis honest PM
    No future vote for tory party

  8. March 29, 2019 – the day Brexit was supposed to be concluded legally… and the day democracy officially died in darkness in the UK

  9. Theresa May has done a U-turn from "no deal is better than a bad deal" to "delay till I get my own way on this bad deal and if that does not work then there probably will be no brexit at all rather than no deal"….IS THIS FAILURE REALLY INCOMPETENCE OR PLANNED TREACHERY THAT IS THE QUESTION?

  10. If you're anti-imperialism and don't want a cabal of foreign strangers deciding the laws and state of your country, vote Brexit.

  11. This is how it happened
    Britain: I’m going to leave
    EU: okay leave
    Britain just sits there
    Britain: I’m gonna leave now and I’m sick of you guys

    Annnddddd repeat

  12. I´ll be back! The Terminator has said after that Britain was destroyed, the British People are broken, the UK was destroyed and the EU was destroyed. The Brexit propaganda show must go on for the next 6 years but I have doubts that the UK can survive this Chaos and disaster for the next 6 months. The British people have enough – they can´t hear this sick words Brexit or Brexit deal again and again. It is time to start a new Britain, a new EU, and the new UK! And a new democracy! ✌✌✌✌

  13. Resign May, Not You or Any of The UK Politicians don't Believe In the Brexit. Just Resign and Put Solmeone Forward who Believes in it, October 31st is Another Lie by the UK Government.

  14. How pathetic -as a Brit I am totally embarrassed – these incompetent MPs including the Prime Minister -totally ignore the peoples referendum – the country is seething with anger and is in crisis so they tell us – – so they then decide they need a break – I'm speechless – -this must be the worst Parliament we have had in our history – and thats saying something ! – – – – – if they were in business they would all be sacked – – –

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