Tay Money “Trappers Delight” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

And they be all in my mentions talking shit.
And you look like Wet Seal. Every time I go out and see the same outfit. I don’t wanna
look nothing like them. It’s like this Wet Seal, two piece, same color outfit. Everybody
has long, straight hair and these clear heels. No. So the song “Rapper’s Delight” and “Trapper’s
Delight” don’t have anything in common except the name. I really, to be honest with you,
had never heard that song. When people was calling me “Rapper’s Delight” I’m like,
“It’s trapper’s!” Now I know about it and I respect it a lot more. All I had when I first started was “Tay Money,
Trapper’s Delight. Tay Money, I make all these rappers fight.” It just stuck and once
it was stuck it was in everybody’s head for the rest of the day. I said I gotta finish
that song tonight. I think rappers fight over me because I’m
cute. And because I’m cute and they like my accent. I be holding my friend’s hands. My hands be
like soakin’ wet. I’m good once I’m in the air on the way up there. I literally have
had tears in my eyes before. I don’t know why I like, think that it’s just gonna tumble
down but I know with the way it’s set up it’s physically impossible for it to just tumble.
I think. We hope. Yeah. That’s like real deal. We be walking down
the street, me and my friends, whatever. Where ever we at and we see a husband or a boyfriend
and he be with his girl and he just don’t care. He be staring at us like… His girlfriend
be like…. and I think “He got a wife but she ain’t the one he like, oop.” A bad bitch is somebody that don’t take shit
and don’t let no boy walk over her and she clean on her own and she got her own money
and she go to work and you ain’t gotta talk her into shit because it’s already hers. Putting
your heal on they throat be like, securing a bag and like move bitch, you can’t have
none. So yeah, you know, you gotta get to the club,
you like gotta warm up. And when you got a couple of drinks and you go “Ayy, make that
thing go, ayy!” I I ever get sad and I gotta shop it out,
I gotta go straight to the thrift store. I know that sounds crazy but like, I like to
dig and like find really cool pieces. My style is like Y2K vintage. So basically everything
I have other than like my shoes and my purses has been re-bought cuz they just don’t make
it like they used to anymore. I didn’t even know I wanted to do this until
I came to Dallas. That’s where I started my life. So I also want to claim Dallas too and
I will because nobody has stopped me. My first show, like I did for free. And then,
my second show they paid me $100 and I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is so cool.” And
then my next show went up, and then my next show went up. That shit was crazy. I was workin’
a job for like 5 years and to get paid for something you actually enjoy doin’ is crazy.
It’s crazy like cuz I wake up every day and I’m like… For real I’m like when is it
going to stop but I don’t want it to so I’m not gonna let it stop. A dream lineup. I would love to put Chance the Rapper. I would love to put Drake. Me. I would love to put Kehlani. And let’s throw Lady Gaga on it while we at it. That’s pretty cool. Oh and Nelly, I need Nelly to come back.

Zane Wilson

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  1. the ghetto. bitch you dont need to be rapping, go sell weight loss tea and teeth whitening strips not everybody need to make music.

  2. Baby not everybody dressed the same everybody got they own line of style get the fuck out here where you from thats all you see

  3. “your bitch look broke”
    * 1 minute later *
    “ i just go to the thrift store “
    me: um what bitch , you look and sound broke😂

  4. This really makes you think of the lyrics you write when somebody making you do this. Breaking it down and asking about it all. 💀💀 “damn in the moment it sounded good”

  5. I like how all the comments are DISHING out about how she looks, and how she talks. Let’s keep one thing in mind, no ones perfect. She’s having fun making money.. why y’all worried?

  6. y’all are haters that want everyone to look and sound alike. just seem mad that she’s a white girl with a lisp and a Texas accent.. Tay actually makes great feel good music for women empowerment.

  7. Genius users have ONE JOKE, I swear. Can't you just enjoy music, even if the lyrics are simple and catchy? The comments read like an echo-chamber of people too insecure to just let themselves have fun.

  8. y’all act like white people cant be ghetto😂. i’m tired of y’all. them the same mfs who swear all black people are ghetto👋🏽.

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