Sushi Money Bags Recipe

Hey there, welcome back to another video.
I’m Chef Devaux and today I’m going to teach you how to make Sushi Money Bags. This
is a very interesting concept because you don’t really know what you have on the plate
until you cut it open and see what the filling is of this. It’s quite an interesting thing
to make and serve to people because there’s a certain excitement until you know what’s
inside and then a little bit of a surprise. These are very simple sushi treats where you
just have an egg omelet and whatever sushi filling you like inside, and just go crazy
and do whatever you like but here are a couple suggestions of what I think is a good filling
for them. Let’s go, let’s do this!
Alright, first you take some dried Shitake mushrooms. Notice I have two different sizes
here, these are the ones I bought in America and these are the ones I bought in Europe.
They are both Shitake mushrooms just different sizes. Just thought I’d mention that in
case you wanted to use two. Anyway, place some of these inside a plastic
container, I’m just going to add some Dashi Fish Stock, this is traditional Japanese Fish
Stock and I’m just going to add 250-milliliters there. I’m going seal it up and leave it
for four hours. If you want to learn how to make Dashi, there’s
a link in the description to my recipe for that.
This is after more than four hours, I’m just going to take this and put it inside
a cooking pot, just like this. Now I’m going to add 20-grams of Mirin which is a Japanese
sweet cooking wine. Here I’m going to bring it to a boil and let it simmer for about three
minutes, then I’m going to turn it off and I’m just going to put the lid on it and
let it cool down naturally. That will take about 20 to 30 minutes, just let it rest don’t
do anything to it. Once that’s done you take your Shitake mushrooms
out, place them on a cutting board and then you just want to simply cut them into thin
strips, about half a centimeter thick, so that’s 1/5 of an inch for those not using
the metric system. I’m just going to put them to one side until
I need them, which will be later on in the recipe, now to make the egg omelet. I’m
just going to add 50-grams of water and 10-grams of corn starch and I’m just going to whisk
these together until it’s uniform. Once that’s done I’m going to add 3 whole
eggs, there we go, one two three, and 3 egg yolks, and again one two three. Then I’m
going to whisk this up quickly, then I’m going to add a quarter teaspoon of salt and
whisk that in. Now I’ve warmed up a pan, well heated it
up really hot and I just sprayed some oil over the surface and I’m going to take a
scoop of that egg mixture and place it into the pan and just spread it across. You want
to move it really quickly so it develops a very thin film. You want this to be ultra,
ultra thin. If it’s too thick it will just not be very nice to eat.
This cooks very quickly and I am just going to start to separate the edges of so I can
flip this thing. I’m going to take two prongs and I’m going to pick up the sides softly
and just flip it. Normally a pancake you’d flip in the air but this thing is so thin
that if it goes in the air it normally sticks together and then when it lands back in the
pan it’s all messed up. I’d recommend using the tongs for this one.
That’s it, you want to cook it very quickly, that’s it ready and put it one side. Now
I’m going to take some sushi grade salmon. If you want some more information about what
that is then check out the link in the description. I’m just going to cut two strips, just like
this. Then I’m going to cut these strips into
now four strips by cutting them in half again. Then I’m going to cut these strips into
small little cubes of salmon. Once that’s done I’m going to put this
to one side until I can eat it, which will be very soon. Now I’m going to take my egg
omelet and take some chives, put them on the side, some sushi rice. If you want to know
my recipe for sushi rice, check out the link in the description of the video. I’m just
going to put in some of that salmon that I cut up. Then I’m going to add some salmon
roe on top just for a little more decadence…maybe some more salmon roe, why not.
Now I’m going to pull the sides of the egg omelet and then pull up the other corners
and just crunch in all the sides until you have the shape of the money back that you’re
looking for. Then you take the two chives that I put on the side of the board and just
curl them around it and then tie a knot. Now this is the most difficult part because you
could rip these chives or you could rip the omelet. Just be very patient and be careful
here, tighten it but not too tight. I’m going to cut a little bit off the excess from
the top of this, just like that. Now this excess you can just use it for a
filling of a sushi roll, it’s very nice to fill in with a sushi roll so don’t throw
it away. That’s one Salmon Money Bag, done!
Now to make the one with mushrooms, do it again, you just take your omelet, put some
sushi rice onto it, and then I’m going to warm up some sesame seeds. You can do this
beforehand. I’m toasting them here for three to four minutes, toasting them releases the
aromas inside the sesame seed and they become a little more fragrant. I’m going to sprinkle
these over my sushi rice. Here I’m going to take my Shitake mushrooms which I cooked
at the start of this video, and I’m just going to place them onto the sushi rice, just
like this. I think three pieces will do…yeah three
pieces is enough. Then I’m going to bring up the sides and again just crunch it all
in to make that classic money bag shape, and once you’ve got that take your two chives
and you can just wrap them around, and then tie a knot.
Okay, nearly there, just up over and seal. Just tighten it up, and now once more I’m
just going to cut off the excess. Like I said before this excess can be used in a sushi
roll so if you’re going to do this, maybe make some rolls at the same time and then
you can just put this excess cut up omelet inside the sushi rolls, which will work great.
Alright, I’m just going to cut that little strip off. There we go, and that’s how you
make the Mushroom Money Bag, done! Alright, that’s how you do the Sushi Money
Bags. Now don’t forget you can put whatever you want inside these things, don’t contain
yourself to only doing it these two ways, just go crazy, put whatever you want inside.
Put tuna, put Unagi, put salmon, avocado, whatever you like just put it inside that.
In fact it will be quite interesting to know what all of you want to put inside these money
bags. Why not leave a comment in the section below and just describe what your perfect
Sushi Money Bag would be filled in with. Alright, while you’re doing that one last
thing, I used this oil spray thing in the video and it’s a very cool little gadget,
I just got it last week. I’m pretty excited about it. Basically it comes empty and you
put whatever oil you want inside and then you just pressurize it with air, like this
and then you spray it out. Anyway, this is a great little thing if you
want to put a very thin layer of oil on a pan, or if you want to put a little bit of
oil on a salad or whatever, this has so many uses. You can put so many different oils inside
that’s why I’ve got a couple of these. You can put say walnut oil, you can put coconut
oil, sesame seed oil, olive oil, the sky’s the limit.
If you want one of these then check out the link right here, or in the description below.
They’re quite cheap and I think it’s a good buy.
Thank you for watching, see you guys next week. Goodbye!

Zane Wilson

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  1. Nice! Keep them coming, thanks. You rule, you honestly do. Not sure about the oil sprayer though, however multifunctional what with all the oils 😉
    We used pasta leaves to do the same, but this is much lighter and versatile. I will try them with cous cous and eggplant, let you know. Thanks!

  2. I've had the same oil spray for years, it's really good.
    For some reason i was expecting you'd draw a dolllar symbol on the bags. Too many cartoons as a child i guess.

  3. are you just a sushi chef? If you teach how to cook hot food I bet you'll get more viewers. I think is quite diffucult for many of us to have access to sushi grade meat let alone its steep price tags. So if you can do some receipts for hot food in the future that will be great

  4. Great work on all your videos. Have your ever tried brined herring fillets as an ingredient? It's very easy to get and reminds me of lightly vinegared mackerel. Brined herring is not the sweet Danish style, but purely herring brined in salt water.

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  7. OK this might sound a little crazy but when I saw that the bag was tamagoyaki my mind went to my favorite breakfast which is egg and avocado toast so I would love this with a little bit of marmite and avocado on top of the rice! Any body else agree or am I just insane¡¿

  8. I have the biggest crush on you.. I watch your videos hoping to see you talking into the camera. Beautiful eyes, and I love your voice. Your videos are very informative too! XD

  9. Looks amazing! I'd love to put half of the rice, some eel, eel sauce, a bit of soft shelled crab (two meats – thus, half the rice), roe, and avocado. Mmmmm, all of my favorite sushi ingredients into one tidy sachet! 🙂

  10. I just made this with cooked tilapia inside of it. It was amazing with the sushi rice I made using your recipe. I even got my family to try it and they loved it. Thank you so much!!

  11. I'm actually allergic to fish… 🙁 but I would like to try it! Is there any other way I can make a sushi money bag?

  12. The egg "pouch" would make a great medium for themed, or tapas style meals, I'll have to try this out perhaps as brunch item! (sorry for all the comments ahah..)

  13. "This leftover egg omelet be very nice in a sushi roll, so don't throw it away." Proceeds to throw it in a garbage can next to him

  14. put a giant amount of wasabi and some jalapeno in one, next to ones filled with normal stuff. It works well! But now I have one less friend…

  15. Mine would probably have the eel a little bit of eel sauce rice maybe a little tempura bits cream cheese cube and a slice of avocado

  16. This is not sushi! Shitake are always cooked in own "dashi". Shiitake and fish soup? Haha! Dashi is not fish soup. We never use corn starch in Japanese cuisine….I wish sushi would be protected.

  17. I can't wait to make these for my friends!
    ….I can't wait to have friends.
    Ya know what? I'm going to break my pattern of being an introvert, go out into the world (gasp!), and make friends for the soul purpose of being able to make these and give them to someone! XD
    Wish me luck, everyone!

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