Spirituality and Money Beliefs The Hidden Trap of “being spiritual”

this video I’m gonna be showing you the
truth about money beliefs and spirituality showing you why you may be
holding abundance backs from coming into your life and I’m gonna show you the one
thing that makes all the difference so you can live both a spiritual life and
an immensely abundant life welcome back to another video my name’s Aaron and I
help people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing
with you that of understanding why so many spiritual people in the trap that
many spiritual people fall into when they are on the path of understanding
more about who they are many times when people go through a spiritual awakening
this is a very common thing that I see is people that go through a spiritual
awakening become more aware that we are spiritual beings have in human
experiences and what then happens as many times we then subconsciously put
being spiritual into a different category than that of being in the
material world and being what we call abundance and being able to make money
now I see so many people that could be amazing Reiki practitioners amazing
healers amazing artists I see so many people that share and have amazing ideas
to share with the world however I see a lot of people that are afraid to put out
their ideas afraid to go after their passion because they believe that
because it’s a spiritual passion that it’s in a different category than being
able to charge for it and the thing is is that belief alone will keep people
doing things they’re not passionate about and it’ll keep people in a certain
bubble of creating a level of lack and a level of a not passionate life and when
you look at when I look at my own life I’ve been doing YouTube full-time for
about three three and a half years now I live in an immense amount of abundance
I’ll show you a little bit of a b-roll of this place that I’m at right now
which is an amazing air baby here in Costa Rica
I live a very abundant life because I don’t put being spiritual and being
abundant in two different categories I realize that my gifts the things than
the the ideas that I can share with the world I realize that’s a part of my
human experience that’s a part of what I ment to be doing in life I wouldn’t be
able to have a full-time job working 40 50 hours a week and be doing what I do
online with growing my message growing my business making daily videos on
YouTube I don’t think I’ve been able to do it for three years in a row
having the full-time job and doing this full-time however I had to go all-in on
my passion and I had to understand that being abundant wet which includes the
form of money understand all money is is an exchange of energy it’s the exchange
of energy that we’ve agreed to use in this reality and what it’s about it’s
about understanding that that’s a part of the human experience understand that
that money being good or evil what somebody does with it depends on the
person when you look at someone like Eckhart Tolle for example at cart toll
when you ask Eckhart Tolle you say hey at car toll we’d like the like the
enlightened guy that wrote the book power of now say hey our car talk why do
you do the meditate what Eckhart Tolle will tell you is that his knife is a
meditation he just be present to the moment and everything he does he doesn’t
need to like you know I go it every day every morning I meditate for 10-15
minutes the morning 10 to 15 minutes at night and that’s my practice I’m also
not enlightened and car toll it’s how he does what he does that makes it
spiritual and the thing that I want to share with you is it’s not the idea of
being abundant or the idea of charging for your spiritual gifts that’s not
what’s evil it’s how you do it so in the same way that you can make life
spiritual the Eckart Tolle analogy is because you can make life itself
spiritual everything be can become a meditation now what you do with the
abundance will and on what’s inside of you like dr.
Wayne Dyer said when you squeeze an orange what comes out orange juice why
because that’s what’s inside what are you gonna do with your money in your
abundance that depends on what’s inside of you there are people amazingly
spiritual people that use their money to help other people that use their money
to build a business that adds value to an immense amount of people there are
people that use money in greedy type ways people that use money to to
emphasize a false sense of power or a conceived sense of power and they use it
in a negative way money in itself is a neutral idea and an agreement we’ve made
on a way of exchanging money when we start to understand that it makes the
process so much easier let me tell you as well when I went through my spiritual
awakening in 2012 I became very ungrounded I became aware that I the
first question I had is I became aware that our thoughts create a reality I
became aware that we are eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human
experiences and I became very angry towards the government towards the
financial system I realized that money is not backed by gold I had a lot of
realizations that cost me to then become not abundant at all because I thought
money was such an evil thing and I found out that the money that goes towards the
IRS isn’t necessarily used for what we think it is
it sounds like conspiracy theories but if you do the research it’s there and
when I became like that I went into work one day and I said you know what I ain’t
coming into work tomorrow I worked at Nordstrom’s and women’s shoes I worked
there for five years I went in one day said you know I’m not coming in tomorrow
I have to meditate and help the global consciousness is sent to the next level
of consciousness that’s really what I believe by the way so I would meditate
every day like a lot and my buddy Victor Otto also I we found out years you know
but Victor odo is also youtubers my best friend found out as well that he did the
same exact thing in a way focused on meditating helping
the collective consciousness however I completely neglected the material world
and when I did that I became very ungrounded and I kind of missed the
point I think sometimes with becoming spiritual then we go to one side of the
spectrum which is Olly theory called all meditation all energetic and we fail to
realize that having a human experience is spiritual
we incarnated into this reality to experience all the fruits of it and part
of it is playing according to some of the system doesn’t mean we get power
over the money but it means that we recognize ok money is an exchange of
energy do I want to fight it with all my might and maybe that’s some people’s
purpose is to find a new way of of exchanging goods and and bringing that
apart in the world maybe that’s someone’s passion but it’s say for 99%
of people maybe the path of least resistance is becoming abundant so that
what you do with the money is good things the money that I make from my my
business I’m able to put back into my message and my mission and my purpose
and I’m able to influence more people I’m able to build a team you see it’s
understanding money is simply a resource now like I said a little bit ago
guys look at this Hey look still there I want to show you I want to show you
there’s this animal that’s walking around but every time I move the camera
or something goes away what’s really cool though ke is camera shy for sure so
when I was saying a little bit ago when it comes to if you’re a Reiki
practitioner a healer an artist you want to create content online whatever it is
some people have trouble charging for their spiritual gifts they’ll understand
everything in reality is spiritual we are a spiritual beings having a heat
note we are not spiritual beings having a human experience we are spiritual
beings having a spiritual experience and it’s not what you do it’s how you do
what you do so everything can become spiritual swimming in a pool can become
spiritual meditating can be spiritual eating
food can be spiritual you can make anything spiritual it’s about how you do
what you do now when you talk about that of abundant with with people that have
problems charging for their spiritual gifts look how ridiculous this sounds
and I realize this about myself by the way so I say this with the level of
empathy because I’ve been through this and not what up my intention of this
video to do is to kind of show you you have an amazing spiritual gift or just
sharing your idea sharing your energy is amazing and can help so many people but
what may be holding you back is a belief that charging for your spiritual gifts
is evil remember charging that’s an exchange of
energy it’s saying I am willing to give this energy but received nothing back in
exchange I’m willing to empty my cup but not fill my cup back up because of that
you ain’t gonna have a lot to give up I’ll get to go around but think about
how funny this idea is we will look at someone that’s spiritual that maybe has
an amazing ability to heal to allow energy to flow through to emit out an
energy that helps to heal other people because we realize that healers aren’t
the ones egoic ly doing it it’s energy that flows through even when I make
these videos energy just flows through it’s not really the Eagle Air and Jody
that has all of these little ideas I heard something I thought it was a good
thing and what you can begin to realize is that when you allow this to come
through it adds value to other people whether it’s amazing art that you create
that makes people feel a certain way ideas that you share that helps to
awaken people but what we do is we say no no no that’s on a higher pedestal and
then what we do is we look at something like coca-cola which puts corn syrup and
sugar in their products which mates people’s bodies highly acidic which will
then lead slowly over time to people becoming more and more sick and having
to go to the doctor more and more and not being healthy and when we think
about coca-cola making billions and billions of dollars we don’t question
that one little bit but somebody receiving abundance back
for being a healer for helping other people for spreading ideas for doing the
research to then condense information for having a podcast for whatever it is
we put that in a totally different category and we assume no can’t charge
for that you got to do something in the 3d world then maybe like you being a
salesperson for coca-cola that’s okay though you see the reason I say it like
this is to become aware of how ridiculous it sounds you are a spiritual
being having a spiritual experience and you are meant to add immense value to
the world however you have to tap into that you have to realize that it is your
duty to help other people or to spread your to do what you’re passionate about
really many times what’s your passion about will add value to other people
just by you being you but it’s about being aware of that difference now
become aware of the spiritual belief system around money believe in money is
bad you can’t charge for this and then you keep yourself in a low level of
abundance doing some job you Knight might not be passionate about that
drains your energy thinking that’s the way reality has to be all because of a
belief it’s just a belief understand that this is how reality works this is
how you could begin to this is how I see reality and just to express to you I
become extraordinarily abundant over the last two or three years more abundant
quicker than I really could even imagined I can travel the world and have
a view that is like you know this view over here is incredible I’m gonna show
you in the b-roll it’s amazing and it’s because I’ve tapped into and I keep the
energy pure now what I mean by this is the primary focus for me is focused on
expression and not adding value to other people I make videos that have at least
from my perception that adds value to other people and when I add value to
other people by expressing my gifts that energy goes out into the world now what
happens is then I have other ways that people can go deeper with going through
the areas of transformation that deeper process is through having digital
courses through doing live events through working with people via coaching
and what happens is because I’m putting out that good into the world that abun
instance comes back to me what you put out is what you get back that abundance
that comes back I can then use as resources to build my business and I
have team members now I have an assistant back in Vegas I have virtual
assistants that answer emails I have an editor and I have somebody that does
Instagram posts that it’s my Instagram well I have a team of people because I
have abundance coming back to where now I can outsource things to grow my team
even bigger to grow my message even bigger and over the last couple years
I’ve become more abundant than ever because I continue to focus on the
expression of putting good out into the world and I consider myself a very
spiritual person we’re all spiritual beings but I’m aware of my spirituality
and I believe that you are a spiritual being if you’re watching this video and
that one of the most spiritual things you can do is tap into your own
abundance and tap into your passion adding value to the world don’t feel
guilty about charging for your spiritual gifts remember it’s not what you do it’s
how you do it I don’t feel guilty because I have a
high level of integrity I know that this and what I put out in my course is adds
value to people and changes people’s lives and I know that because I have
testimonials and I have many people that have been through my different processes
that been through my different meditations that have had
extraordinarily results so I know okay I’m putting good out into the world I
feel good about it but it’s just a mindset shift you don’t have to feel
guilty about charging for your spiritual gifts have the intention first and forth
don’t lead with trying to charge for it I would recommend lead with adding value
to people lead with expression your gifts lead with creating amazing art
lead with that and then see what happens on the other side of that but the key to
this is knowing that many times being spiritual may be a trap keeping you in a
lower-level vibration that is keeping you from experiencing the abundance that
you’re meant to have in your life so when we’re talking about money beliefs
understand that money it’s just a mode of exchange of energy
because you have money doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a non spiritual person
it’s just a belief because you have money doesn’t mean you’re gonna lose it
you’re gonna use it to have more power that that’s a very negative way whatever
you do with money will depend on what’s inside of you you can have awareness
through the whole process and you could use it to further your mission to
further you you start making amazing art then you’re like you know what I can
finally own an art gallery studio I can now have the ability to create and have
more amazing art and brushes and art canvasses and do and and do and have
more opportunities so also one of the most selfish things you can do is make
it all about you people that have problems charging for their spiritual
gifts it’s all about them that’s how I was it was all about me I can’t do this
I can’t do that I was focused on me and my own guilt one of the most spiritual
things you can do is become abundant so that then you can add value to other
people I have a team of people that I’m able to pay that has value to them I
have family members that have been through some stuff over the last year
guess what I have the abundance and the energy to help them through the
different things if I wasn’t helping myself I didn’t fill my own cup I would
it would all be about me and how I can’t fill up my own cup and therefore I can’t
add value to other people when you start to tap into your spiritual gifts your
spirituality and you start to align it with your idea of being abundant what
you will find is that then you can add more value to more people so one of the
most spiritual things you can do is to become immensely abundant so that then
you can add value to the people around you then you could add value to yourself
you can do your passion on your terms you don’t have to have some nine-to-five
job that drains your energy and by doing that that will transform your life now
I’ve created an immense amount of buttons through a simple four-step
process that I call meets em I the S it’s a simple formula that has allowed
me to go full-time doing what I love and whether that’s on social media whether
that’s creating YouTube videos whether that’s you’re an artist whatever it is
you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to do this you can do this
with a very small audience actually if you know the right process if you know
the right strategy the game changer for me was I remember as I was growing on
YouTube I had like 20,000 subs and I asked somebody that had more subs than
me what do I how many subs do I need to go full-time and what he said was he
said he’s like it doesn’t matter the sub Cal it matters the relationship the the
the relationship you have with the people that do follow you go full-time
at 500 followers on Instagram if you do it the right way if you have the right
formula that was a game changer for me and from that moment on I became more
abundant than ever through applying a simple four-step process called mi vs
and I share it in a webinar that you can join below where I will share with you
exactly how to apply mi vs which will help you go full-time doing what you
love whether you’re a healer Reiki practitioner you have ideas you want to
share you’re an aspiring Instagram or podcasts or youtuber whether you want to
be a coach whatever you want to do I show you how you can go full-time it
doesn’t take hundreds of thousands of subscribers you can do it with a very
small audience if you know what to do and in that video I will show you
exactly how I did it and how I did it in a spiritual way and my buddy Victor Otto
and I did that to Victor odo also applied the same formula and we’ve both
gone from you know working jobs we didn’t care about he was a personal
trainer to living in the immense amount abundance we show you exactly how to go
through that process with MI vs you can join the next webinar by clicking the
link on the top of the description box below and we will show you exactly how
to go full time doing what you love in a spiritual way so that’s how we went
ditched our nine-to-five jobs and we do what we love full-time we’ll show you
how to do that as well and you don’t need to be it don’t need to be an expert
he’s got to be a step ahead of everyone else do your own research depends on
what you’re doing but anyways I wanted to share that with you we’ll show you
how to do that in the training below join it look forward to seeing you on
the inside of that other that I hope you enjoyed this video feel
free to like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already hit
that like button if you’d like more videos outside like this or with more
b-roll and other than that as always I’ll see you on the next video peace
much love and namaste

Zane Wilson

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  11. "It's how you do with what you do. Anything can become spiritual. Find your passion and provide value to people. Be aware of your ego, especially the spiritual ego." ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Aaron Doughty, this is one of your best if not the BEST videos in the past 2 years! Keep it coming. ๐Ÿ‘

  12. A spiritual practitioner can not be their best version if they're living in lack. A spiritual practitioner's service, message or art will not be at the highest level of good for the recipient if half of the practitioner's energy is distracted by survival. Money is a powerful tool for doing a massive amount of good. Doing good is spirituality in practice, therefore money is spiritual.

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  14. I think monetary greed is evil and leads to many of society's problems, and that capitalism can be replaced with something less destructive… but obviously money still exists, I love the freedom it allows, and I want more of it.. how do I reconcile these two opposing opinions?

  15. Money is truly an exchange of Energy. Nothing is spiritual about "shying away from being ABUNDANTLY rewarded for the good that you do in the world." Friends abundance is our birthright. Open your heart and your hands to receive the abundance of money coming your way in 2020. Love you allโค๏ธ

  16. Aaron I love you so much thank you that's exactly what I was going to honest I truly believe that the world is conscious the few of us this that is headed on this particular Road. Because everything that I'm going through you are speaking it out your mouth and you're letting me know that it's alright. Because it's all connected to the Great Divine most high creator Elvis all it's all connected and it is okay that's what I was created and going to do and Justin to do for some reason I was thinking that I was wrong. And it has so much to do with all of my religious belief that I was bought up and raised in call me when you can't eat just you can't eat that oh, you can't do this you can't do that oh, you can't go here you can't do that so I have to let go. My horoscope is so much a part of who I am and then we were taught that we couldn't deal with horoscopes because it was witchcraft and that God didn't like it, for our senior tour against it and I'll come to find out that I'm a part of the stars and the part of universe my own self all of us. And to be very honest that's what they had back in the day before we all were born they get with the nature and Outdoors the Stars in the skies the moon and sun hurry I'm just having a hard time letting go but I'm going to have to so I can start my business I'm just waiting on fines and I'm trying to manifest the money, the Finance, it hasn't happened for me yet and and I am trying to manifest so please pray for me thank you so much.

  17. I honestly tell you you are in my thoughts oh, that is exactly what's going on with me and now I have to do it because my gift is so powerful and beautiful it's not even me so I have to bring it forth is going to help all of us as a whole and now I see why the struggle was so hard for me I'm just waiting on my phone and then I will take off so please play that I may not have the funds I need so I can do this thank you so much we are all awesome together and we will change this world to be the best and better and all things it will be very different the most high Creator will be please. I'm waiting on my manifestation and then I'll start have a beautiful blessed day

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  19. Wow this is so scary are brave and beautiful at the same time wow I have to step out on faith I have to trust and I have to believe in me.

  20. Along my journey I have come to realize that those of us which are aware of higher vibrational knowledge are here on the planet to raise the consciousness of humanity. We must also earn a living doing this, create an experience of financial freedom, so that we can do this most optimally, efficiently and abundantly. If we fail to realize that our gifts are deserving of an abundance of money, we will be fueling the lack system and be in constant strife. If McDonalds is making millions of dollars offering people low vibrational value, you must earn millions creating high vibrational value. Peace.

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  22. I agree and I don't. The honestly is nice but I wish you would had also explained that if you are in a position to help someone then you should regardless of money. After all we are here to help. If you are feeling guilty about something, listen to your feelings, there is probably a reason you feel guilty. Yes I have mouths to feed, yes I own a maintenance business, yes I charge for my services, but I also help those that need it and can't afford to pay someone. I'm sorry but this sounded kind of sounded like the ego trying to defend itself. Help someone for FREE if you can! If you can't…you can't.

  23. Perfect timing dude..I also shared on Social media about Coca-Cola today lol with the same content of yours..Fully resonate with what you are saying

  24. hey man. Love you Aaron. Thank you for reminding me im spiritual being having a human experience. Is there anywhere i can email you/ contact you? Id love to get some further insight on my specific situation. Thanks for your time, Aaron!!!!

  25. Quick Video Breakdown:


    Most won't say a word at Coco-Cola for rotting people's insides or McDonald's for giving our kids seizures

    But will tell a healer they are wrong for helping and recieving an agreed upon equal exchange of value whether that be the dead presidents we use or even services (barter)

    There is abundance in every situation and enough to go around in every space

    Focus on spreading your light and love and don't be afraid to create infrastructures around making a living through doing it

    There's nothing better than loving what you do GETTING PAID TO DO IT and bringing together wavy like minded individuals to help them achieve the same with you ๐Ÿ’™ (THE DREAM TEAM๐Ÿ‘‘)

    Everything is spiritual, truly truly it is and dont short change yourself because of societal perceptions. Own your space and give REAL VALUE

    The only way to generate a lot of income is to help a lot of people, after generating this income that the universe appointed to you because of helping others YOU CAN USE THE INCOME TO HELP MORE PEOPLE!!!

    You are watching Aaron so I know you're not going to use the money for anything other than collectively raising consciousness ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ



  26. Abundance the natural flow of the universe, one tree has an abundance of leaves, one beach has an abundance of sand, one field has an abundance of grass, one cloud has an abundance of rain and so on lol ๐Ÿ๏ธ๐ŸŒ…๐Ÿ˜Š

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  28. I'm happy that I naturally love to help people, so when I become wealthy, I will be sharing my wealth without hesitation! I can't wait!

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