Play Online Casino Games | Play Royal Casino Gambling DAPP Review | Poker, Blackjack, Dice & More

Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club. And if you like to play online casino games
like Blackjack, Dice, Slots and even Texas Holdem Poker, then you are going to love the
Play decentralized app [also known as a DAPP] that I am about to review with
you in this video. Just to give you a quick summary, at
you can use cryptocurrency to make bets in your favorite online casino games, which includes
the kind of games I have already mentioned and more. This well designed and fast growing DAPP has
some killer complimentary features besides the games. Play Royal features two utility tokens, that
you can use to earn a passive income and bonus crypto rewards. First you have the PLAY token, which also
is available for trading on the Tron Trade DEX. And when you hold at least one million PLAY
in your online gaming account, you will earn a daily revenue share of RWD or Reward tokens. And you can scale up your daily passive earnings
for each additional 1 million PLAY that you hold on your account. And you can mine / earn additional Reward
tokens by playing the games on PLAY Royal, each time you gamble with a certain amount
of any of the ‘mine-able’ crypto’s on the platform. I’ll show you more details about this mining
aspect later. There are also a few ways you can profit from
your Reward tokens. First off you can just hold them on the platform
and earn your share of 50% of the Play Royal Casino’s transaction fees from gaming and
the cryptocurrency exchange. The more RWD that you hold, the larger your
share will be. You can also trade your RWD tokens for TRX
anytime you want [and they do actually hold a nice value against TRX, I think around .8
TRX per RWD the last I checked]. You can also hold your RWD to participate
in one of the daily BONUS REWARD PARTIES where you can burn any amount of your Reward Tokens
to earn a proportionate share of the reward pools of supported cryptocurrencies that are
being gambled on the platform. And again, this Reward Party prize pool is
generated by whatever gaming happens that day, and the more the house wins, the larger
the value of the rewards that can be had. And of course it can go the opposite way,
and if the house loses a lot to the players, the rewards can be very small. This is something that ebbs and flows, kind
of like the crypto markets. I’m not going to go into it here, but you
can get more info about the tokenomics / supply for both of these tokens in the FAQ section
of the site. But I will say for now, is that it’s a fair
setup for all involved. Only about 20% of the supply of both PLAY
and Reward tokens are held by the casino to bankroll operations and pay for marketing
efforts. And Play Royal has a decentralized exchange
where you can easily trade any of the altcoins held on your gaming account for Tron tokens. This is really handy for taking profit when
you win money from playing the games, or selling crypto you earn from the daily airdrops of
their in house revenue share Reward token. And lastly, the Play Royal Casino Dapp has
a really cool referral program, where you can earn a percentage of the trading / game
fees generated by any players that you refer. I’ll show you more details about that a bit
later in the video… And of course if my love my content and would
like to support me, you can use my referral link down below in the video description…
thank you in advance! Next I’m going to show you three different
ways to login and access the Play Royal Casino. Your first option is to create a TronLink
account via the IOS or Android App, or chrome link extension and then go to the
website via a computer browser like Chrome on your laptop or desktop computer and use
your new Tronlink account to login. But I would say skip using a Tronlink account,
because there is actually a Tron Wallet App that I am liking a lot more than the standard
TronLink… I prefer to use the official Tron Wallet app,
that is available for IOS and android. This is an example of what the logo looks
like, as it displays here on IOS, so you know what to look for. I highly recommend using the mobile version
of the app, as its the easiest to get started, and will allow you to keep gaming on the go. But if you love to game with a bigger screen
on your laptop, you will probably want to download and install Tron Wallet Play from
the official Tron Wallet website. In terms of game playability, all the games
on Play Royal work really well on mobile except Texas Holdem Poker, which seems to be designed
for a screen larger than mobile, if you really want to have a good experience with it. I have played some Texas Holdem via mobile,
and it was playable, but its just not ideally formatted for mobile, so you end up having
to pinch the screen to zoom in and out, or pan around the table of players, and its just
a bit clunky. Texas holdem Poker is way better experience
in my opinion when you use the Tron Wallet Play app on your desktop or laptop computer. But I’ll show you more about Tron Wallet Play
in another video, since today we are focusing on the mobile version. So this video is not about the Tron Wallet,
I have another video out there for that, but I’m just going to briefly show you where you
can go secure your wallet in the settings menu. This is just very important and I want to
make sure that you setup your wallet in a safe way, in case you decide to get started
right away. I’m just going to click the lower right hand
menu navigation icon of the app to access the settings menu… And from here, the options under the Security
heading are what you would leverage to secure your wallet. Make sure that you click into the ‘backup
wallet’ option and copy down your recovery phrase and private key onto a piece of paper
and store it carefully. You will need this info in case you ever lose
your phone, delete your wallet by accident, or lose or forget your password… or else
you will not be able to regain access to your funds. And then of course you should have the Always
Ask For Pin AND the Activate Biometry toggled on. This will make it so that it is required to
use your thumbprint or fingerprint, or at the very least your 6 digit pin code to access
the app. So once you have the tron wallet app backed
up and secured on your phone, you will be just about ready to play some online casino
games at Play Royal. You’ll just need to get some crypto into your
wallet. And you have a few options on how to do this. You can either trade for some tron on an exchange
like Binance or Bittrex, and send it to your Tron Wallet. Or you can just buy some bitcoin from somewhere
like Coinbase or Gemini Exchange, and send it to your Tron Wallet… yes that’s right,
Tron Wallet also supports bitcoin, and soon ethereum as well. Because on the Tron Wallet you can exchange
your bitcoin for Tron or vice versa right on the app with usually excellent market rates. I believe that at some point they will have
a functioning option to purchase bitcoin with credit card on Play Royal but for now, you’ll
need to leverage one of the options I suggested to acquire cryptocurrency to fund your wallet. Once your bitcoin or ethereum is loaded to
your PLAY ROYAL account, you can either start gambling with it, or if you’d like to have
more tokens to play with, you can easily use the on board DEX to trade for Tron or PLAY
tokens. And of course Play Royal currently supports
5 currencies for deposit, trading and gaming, including: Tron, bitcoin, ethereum, USD Tether
and the in house ‘revenue earning’ PLAY token. And its really easy to use the in-house DEX
to trade between any of these currencies, or other Tron Tokens. So now I’m going to show you how easy it is
to login to your Play Royal account through the Tron Wallet mobile app. Here on the main dashboard of the Tron Wallet,
I’m just going to click the little globe icon on the lower left hand corner of the screen. This will bring us to the Tron wallet’s DAPP
browser. And when accessing Play royal for the first
time, you will need to enter the URL in the field here… you can literally type in
and click go to open it up. And once you have opened it for the first
time, it will display under your ‘recents’ here, which is currently the [first] icon
in my recent’s list here. And you can also set any DAPP you like to
use frequently as a ‘favorite’, by using the settings menu of the dAPP browser after having
opened a DAPP on it… which as you can see makes it easy to access a list of your favorite
dapps. So you should only ever have to enter the
URL once, for any DAPP you use on the Tron Wallet. It’s really user friendly and easier to connect
your wallet to the gaming platform using the mobile Tron Wallet. So I’m just going to click the icon for Play
Royal that I already have here in my ‘recents’, to open up the site in the browser. This brings us to the initial home page of
Play Royal. At the top here, you have some clickable action
items, in these images you see in rotation here. along with some text announcements scrolling
underneath. Scrolling down just a little further, they
usually have some competitions running where you can qualify for large crypto prizes. I’ll click into the Dice Christmas Special
that ends in 1 day… It will give you the start and end times and
some details on the supported cryptocurrencies and the minimum bets you need to make for
your gaming to qualify towards any of the 25 crypto prizes. Scrolling down just a bit, you can see the
prizes here, 1st place starting with 3 million play + 1 ETH and scaling down from there down
to 30,000 PLAY in 25th place… Definitely generous prizes at the top considering
that you can earn a passive income for holding a million
or more PLAY on your Play Royal account. It’s also nice how they throw some Ethereum
in there! Scrolling down just a bit more, it will show
the leaderboard of players who are qualifying for these prizes at this point… Kai is in first place here… and scrolling
through the list, it Looks like at this point they have all 25 qualifiers who are about
to be paid out within the next day. I’m just going to click the Play Royal logo
at the top to go back to the home page. Scrolling down the page, the next section
of interest would be the featured games, which include Dice, Moon, Wrath of Ra, Big Wheel
and Texas Holdem Poker. And if you click the ‘All Games’ button next
the the Featured Games headline text at the top, it will take you to a list of ALL the
games available on PLAY ROYAL. Scrolling down a bit further it will show
you some of the featured trading pairs of the in house PLAY ROYAL crypto exchange. You can click the View All button to go to
the full selection of cryptos on the exchange page. Then scrolling down a little bit further it
will give a real time streaming list of the latest winners, giving some info on what game
they were playing and how much they won. And scrolling down further, the last section
of note, is the list of Top Wagers made all time. And you can get even more gaming data, by
clicking the blue leaderboards button and search the leaderboards and top wagers per
game. Next we are going to move our attention to
the navigation items at the bottom of the screen, starting with ‘games’ symbolized by
the little crown icon here on far left of menu items at the bottom of the screen. This button will help you to easily access
all of the games available on PLAY Royal, when you click it. Scrolling down the games section, it will
first give you the list of featured games. Then you have some other categories of games,
including a ton of Casino slot games and Plinko, which is a bit different than slots, but also
in this section. Next you can click the blue button here to
join the Texas Holdem tables. Since this game does not format well for mobile,
I’m going to show you how Play Royal Texas Holdem Poker works in another video using
the Tron Wallet Play app. Scrolling down a bit more, we have more online
casino type ‘table games’, like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. And then the last section at the bottom is
in regard to the competitions, like we looked at earlier. There is a view all button here you can use
to view all competitions to see if there are any other types running, or look at the history
of completed competitions over time. Real quick I will use some PLAY tokens to
show you how several of these games work, who knows perhaps I will win some crypto! First we will click into Play Dice… And this is a simple game of High Low or in
this case ‘Over or Under’. You just have to guess whether the number
that comes up is going to be under or over 49 or any number you select using the little
green slider here.. notice how the number changes where it says guess, when I move the
slider… I am going to leave it on 49, because it gives
me as close as possible to a 50/50 chance of winning… if you skew the guess more in
your favor, by say choosing 20 as the guess number giving you an 80% chance of being right
if you choose OVER instead of UNDER. Of course if you win, in that case you will
not rake in as much winnings as when you win on a lower probability guess. You can observe how changing the guess number
affects the payout and win chance if you just scroll down a little further… For example when I slide it up to 80 from
49, the payout goes from 2X to 1.225 and your WIN CHANCE goes up to 80%, which means instead
of doubling up, you are gaining 22.5% profit each time you win. It’s a lower amount because its that much
easier for you to win… and So if you can win 5 times in a row using this setting, you
are actually slightly more than doubling your money. Looks like by default the minimum amount to
bet is 5000 PLAY, and with this setting if I win, I will get 6,125 PLAY. That would make me 1125 Play coins, to play
more games and win more crypto with. I will go ahead and leave UNDER selected for
my guess and leave 5000 as my bet and then click the blueish green ‘Roll Dice’ button
here at the bottom to start the game… And it looks like I won, as the result came
up as ## If we scroll down to where it says ‘Play Dice Live Bets’, we can look at our
gaming results, if you click the ‘My Bets’ button here…. then it will load your gaming
history… and here you can see my wager of 5000 PLAY with the green 6125 number underneath,
showing how many tokens I won with that game, as well as a little additional info about
your game settings. You can further narrow down viewing your gaming
results by currency with any of the other buttons, or look at the gaming results of
all other players by clicking All Bets… Scrolling down a bit further you have the
last section of Dice, called The Daily Wager Race. This is where a pool of the 5 supported cryptocurrencies
builds up from a percentage of the house winnings and is then divided up at the end of the day
by the top ten players to wager the most funds playing the game for that 24 hour period. Pretty cool, Play Royal pays out a large percentage
of their online casino gaming revenue to its loyal players. Scrolling back to the top of the game, one
other thing you will find interesting is that most if not all of the games on Play Royal
are Provably Fair…. and you will find a green button at the top of the game screen
that you can click to look at the blockchain data that is supposed to prove the fairness. It’s an interesting and smart feature that
helps the Play Royal platform to instill confidence in its players. Also at the top of the game screen, it will
give you options to automate your gaming by toggling on the auto bet feature, and you
can also speed it up by clicking the red toggle button right next to autobet, labeled Fast
Mode. I have not tried Moon yet. Wrath of Ra is a multiplayer turn based kind
of role playing strategy game. I’m going to click into Big Wheel next, which
is a pretty cool game. This one is pretty easy, the game consists
of the wheel spinning and landing randomly on a color. Certain colors like Red for example, are more
highly distributed around the wheel making it a higher probability that the wheel will
land on it. Red is actually the one that the wheel lands
on most often. So if we scroll down you can see the payouts
for each color selection… With Red you can earn 2X, with Green 3X, Blue
5X and with Orange 60X [orange only shows up in one spot on the wheel that’s why its
such a high payout, its an extremely rare occurence.] You can bet on any number of the colors per
wheel spin. So to play the game, you just have to wait
for it to be in pre-spin mode, with the timer counting down… and then you can scroll down
and click on the colors you want to bet on… I could just bet on red if I wanted to, but
for this round, I will actually bet on red and green, with 1000 PLAY per bet as you can
see set in the field above, now I can just click the Red 2X icon here and the GREEn 3X. And now that I’ve placed my two entries, I’m
just going to scroll up here and see how the wheel spins…. Ahh looks like it hit red, so I at least broke
even on my 2000 PLAY wager, since RED made me 2X on my 1000 PLAY wagered on RED. And that is how Big Wheel works, another real
easy game… And just like dice, if you scroll down you
can see your history of betting results and that of the other gamers. And of course there is a Daily Crypto Prize
Pool for this game as well. I’m going to navigate back to the game select
screen.. I’m sure Slot machine games are pretty self
explanatory to any of you gamers watching this… I mean, who has not played a slot machine
game? So it seems pretty easy to me, for them to
have as many flavors of this game type as they do… I do not tend to play the slot machine games
myself, but if you are into slots, you will surely be in heaven here on Play Royal. So instead of showing you one of these games,
I’m going to show you Plinko, which is at the bottom of the list… This game is actually inspired by the game
of the same name from classic TV game show The Price is Right. Plinko is another provably fair game with
an autobet toggle feature at the top of the screen. This game is also real easy. Your bet is on the balls that drop randomly
from the top of the game screen and land in the areas at the bottom of the screen to determine
your payout per gameball. The minimal bet per ball using PLAY is 5000
tokens… The minimum number of balls that you can drop
are 5, so that makes the minimum bet 25,000 PLAY tokens. [keep in mind that these PLAY tokens are worth
a small fraction of a cent so its not a large bet requirement by any means…] You can also adjust the number of balls that
drop per game play right below the bet adjustment, and you can play up to 10 balls per game,
at the cost of whatever you set your bet at per ball. Once you have your desired settings simply
click the square play button and it will drop the balls down and you can see which prizes
you win. This game like the others has the same options
to view your results or the prize pools if you scroll down. I’m going to head back to the games section using the lower
navigation of the app. And last but not least you have the rest of
the casino table games, including Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. I will click into the online Blackjack game,
since that is one that most of you will recognize… I know it seems like more people I know love
to play blackjack at the casino rather than poker. So like I mentioned about Texas Holdem Poker,
this game is also going to look better on the bigger screen. But its certainly still easily playable in
this format. The minimal bet is 5000 PLAY tokens, and you
can toggle your bet using the plus or minus buttons at the bottom right of the screen,
as you can see I just upped the bet to 10,000. And now I’ll lower it back down to 5000. You can turn on sound for the game if you
want or look at the rules, if you need to, by clicking the green settings menu on the
left of the screen… To start a game simply click the area in the
middle of the playing table where it says Place bet. And that will put down 5000 tokens, just like
we had set as our betting amount a moment ago. If you
made a mistake with your betting amount, you could click the ‘undo’ or ‘clear’ buttons
on the lower left hand side of the screen. I’m comfortable with this, so I’m just going
to click the Deal button on the right side of the screen… So we have a …. Now I’m sure most of you
know that in Blackjack the point is to get as close to 21 as possible. And if you get 21 that’s a blackjack which
means you won, unless the dealer also got a blackjack which is extremely rare. And of course if you choose to ‘hit’ and get
another card and you go over 21, then you automatically lose your bet. Face cards are worth 10 points. And Aces are worth 11. It will offer you to buy insurance for the
hand if you want, you can skip that. And then you will have options on the screen
to either ‘stand’ and take no more new cards, Split or Hit for another card if you think
you can get closer to 21 without going over it. And blackjack is as simple as that, and Play
Royal provides an excellent way for you to get your fix in for online Blackjack gambling. I’m just going to go back to the games section,
and give you a quick glimpse at one more Play Royal Casino game… I’m just going to scroll down here and click
into Roulette… And I am no roulette buff or anything so I’m
just going to keep it simple and do something like make a bet on RED, by clicking the RED
area of the game board you can drop some chips down each time you press it… If you want to remove your bet just use the
little red X button on the right hand side… By default you will place the lowest value
chips down, which equate to 1 PLAY token each. The minimum bet per round is 10,000 PLAY. You can select the higher value chip for 10k
by clicking it on the left of the screen. I’m just going to select the option for the
10,000 PLAY per chip. And make place a single chip down on red,
and then click the SPIN button on the lower right hand corner of the game screen, to start
the game. And that’s how roulette works! So now that we’ve gone through some of the
games, I’m going to go over a few of the other key features you are going to want to know
about… First I’m going to click the lower navigation
app titled Airdrops at the bottom of the app screen, and teach you about the revenue earning
portion of the Play Royal casino. Just like I mentioned earlier, if you hold
at least 1 million PLAY deposited to your PLAY ROYAL gaming account, you can earn a
passive income daily from the Airdrops of Play Royal’s in house Reward Token. As you can see here, I’m currently holding,
29 Million Play on my account, which qualifies me to receive a little over half a percent
of the total RWD airdrop per day, as you can see via the percentage of ‘my share’ according
to my balance here. And it also displays the total amount of PLAY
deposited on the platform which be another factor directly affecting your share percentage
of the daily airdrop. As you can see, there is currently #####
deposited on the platform by some amount of other people who are enjoying these daily
airdrops along with me. I’ve been enjoying some pretty nice early
adopter shares of airdrops with this platform that have added up really nicely, and there
is still an excellent opportunity to get positioned with PLAY and earn a percent of the revenue
from this awesome online gaming platform. I was actually holding even more PLAY on here,
but I ended up trading some for profit on the PLAY ROYAL exchange. I had purchased much lower in value and the
price went up over time, so I decided to take partial profit in trade while holding onto
the rest to keep earning passively as this platform continues to grow its user base and
overall amount of money flowing through it daily… is only going to increase the value
of the airdrops and revenue sharing happening on Play Royal. Scrolling down a little further it will show
how much RWD or Reward token is in the pool so far, for the current 24 hour payout cycle… And it will show how much you are qualified
to recieve based on that total and how much Play you have deposited. Now you are probably wondering what you do with the Reward
tokens? You have two options to cash in your profits
from your RWD airdrop rewards… You can either trade them for Tron, USD Tether
or other tron tokens using the Play Royal crypto exchange… Or you can hold them and wait for them to
further increase in value before trading them for profit. OR you can participate in the daily Rewards
Party Prize Pool, which is a pool that takes a percentage of the overall house gaming revenue
for the day and pays it back to Play Royal gamers who burn RWD tokens that day. So proportionate to how much RWD you burn
as opposed to the total amount burned that day, you will earn your share of the 5 supported
cryptocurrencies that build up in this pool over the course of a day. And of course the burning of these tokens
for these prizes is something that is decreasing the supply of Reward tokens, which helps them
to increase in trading value against tron on the exchange. It currently trades at almost a full tron
per coin. It’s definitely a unique system that works
really well in my opinion based on my experience using the platform for about 6 months now. Now if we scroll down just a little further,
you will see there is also a weekly airdrop pool, that you can earn a percentage of based
on how much RWD that you are holding at the end of the week rather than burning…. So if you decide to just accumulate Reward
token for a while, this is another way you can still accumulate additional crypto rewards
for just holding it on your account. If we scroll just a little bit further down
it will display the results of the previous airdrops a certain distance back…. It displays the amount of Reward token that was distributed that day on the
left and shows how much Reward token I received on the right side. And if I had recieved any of the weekly prize
pool recently, it also shows those results and how much I got of each token.. So next your probably wondering how you can
get your hands on some PLAY tokens. There are a couple ways you can do this. You can load your Tron Wallet with some Tron,
and then use the Tron Wallet DAPP browser to access Tron Trade, which is a big decentralized
exchange on the tron blockchain that happens to list PLAY. Once you have acquired some PLAY to your wallet,
you can then login to your PLAY ROYAL account and deposit your newly acquired PLAY tokens. To deposit any of the supported cryptocurrencies
to Play Royal You can either click the profile / settings icon in the upper right hand corner
of the screen and then click ‘wallet’ from the drop down menu…. and that will take
you to a screen of all your Play Royal crypto wallets…. Or you can click where it displays the currently
selected currency right next to the profile icon. This will fly out a list of supported cryptos…
and show you which ones are mine-able versus the coins that are only use-able for gambling. So the 5 main supported cryptocurrencies of
Play royal are also mine-able by holding them deposited on the platform. I’ll show you more details about that on the
mining screen in a bit. but from here we can also click ‘your wallet’
at the bottom of the drop down menu. And that will take us to the wallet screen
where you can deposit your PLAY tokens you got from Tron Trade. At the top of the screen it will display your
total account value, and give you some additional profile settings navigation menu items that
we will go through momentarily. If we just scroll down a little bit, you will
see the PLAY wallet… Just click it once to open it up and display
the deposit and withdraw options. Deposit is selected by default. It will display how much you have available
for deposit to Play royal where it says ‘Available’ on the right side…. however much PLAY you
are holding in your Tron Wallet will basically display here. You can enter any amount of all of it, and
then just click the green Deposit button and it will be very quickly deposited into your
Play Royal account.. Another route to getting PLAY tokens into
your account, is to just deposit either Tron or bitcoin, or any of the other supported
cryptocurrencies and then using the in house Exchange to trade for them. This is also a really easy and highly recommended
way of doing it. And from my experience its much easier to
trade tokens for profit on Play Royal than to have to withdraw them back to your Tron
Wallet and then go use Tron Trade…. If I click arrow button of the Play wallet
again it will close it back up and if we scroll down, you’ll see all the other wallets available
for you to deposit or accumulate crypto to based on your gaming or airdrops. Scrolling back to the top of the profile / wallet
area, I’m going to explore a few of the navigational items for account settings with you… The Profile icon will give you some options
to customize your profile as you gain experience from playing the games and unlock certain
achievement levels. Most important part of this section for you
to check out in my opinion is the Security section… You are going to want to enable Email Authentication,
Tron Authentication AND Two Factor Authentication. If I remember correctly, I needed to use the
website via the computer browser or Tron Wallet Play in order to get the 2FA properly set… Make sure you secure your account with these
settings, because Play royal is basically a cryptocurrency wallet, and you should take
the same care to secure it as you would any of your other crypto wallets or exchange accounts. The Activity Icon in the navigation will provide
you with a list of all your transactions that happen within the Play Royal DAPP and provides
some handy filters for you to sort out your data…. The fairness section will provide you with
the hashes for every game you played that was provably fair. The next icon in the profile settings navigation
will show you all your open orders on the exchange, if you have any. It will also provide your order history. The last icon on the navigation with the sideways
arrow, will basically log you out of the app. And that covers everything really important
about the profile settings area of the site…. Next we are going to check out Play Royals
in house crypto exchange, by clicking Exchange in the app navigation at the bottom right
of the screen… Scrolling down you will see the selection
of cryptocurrencies available for trading on PLAY ROYAL. There is actually some decent volume for certain
coins on this exchange. At the top you can select from any of the
5 main supported cryptocurrencies of the platform, as your base trading pair… Tron will have the most trading pairs available
because of Tron tokens of course, but ETH, BTC and USDT do have a number of trading pairs
as well. You can trade for PLAY tokens with any of
the 5 options except for bitcoin, i’m sure that ability will be added later. If you deposited bitcoin to PLAY ROYAL and
you want to get PLAY tokens you could just trade your bitcoin for Tron, since that is
an available trading pair… and then go to the Tron Base pairs to trade your Tron for
PLAY tokens… I will just click into the PLAY / TRX exchange
page just to show you what it looks like… On Play Royal you have your typical crypto
exchange setup with the coin stats and 24 hour price info at the top of the screen,
with the candlestick chart and scrollable list of most recent buy and sell trades right
below. You can easily change the time frame of the
chart from hourly to daily by clicking where it says H1 on the upper left hand corner of
the chart… You can adjust the zoom of the chart by pinching
your fingers on the screen… Notice at the bottom of the screen that there
is a unique navigational menu for the exchange section of the site. We are currently on the ‘Chart’ section. If you click Markets it will take you back
to the last page we were on with the selection of cryptocurrencies… Pairs will take you to another screen that
gives you a more condensed list of the available trading pairs. Click TRADE to go to the screen for your selected
crypto, where you can actually place bid or sell orders. Very self explanatory and works like any other
exchange you have used at this point. You have your buy and selling order books
on the left hand side of the screen, and you can scroll through either side… or you can
click the icons at the top to expand either side of the order book… or set it back to
the default view… Then you have our buying and selling order
forms on the right hand side. Simply fill the forms and execute your trade. I’ll show you an example by selling a small
amount of PLAY for Tron… I will just click the highest bidding price
on the buy side to populate the selling price field quickly and easily… Notice how it just filled with the number… ######## Now I’ll just enter 5000 PLAY and
click SELL PLAY, and it will give you a message that your order has been placed and since
I selected an available market price from the buy side of the order book, my order will
fill instantly… We can view the details of the trade I just
made in the history section, which you can get to by clicking where it says history in
the navigation on the lower right side of the app screen. And then by default we are on open orders,
I will just select ‘Order History’ to display… and there you can see the trade I just made
a moment ago detailed right here… Now I’m just going to navigate back to the
main dashboard page of Play Royal… And from here I’m going to click the little
arrow to the right most side of the dapp navigation at the bottom of the screen to reveal a few
more navigational options… From here you can access sections such as
the Referral details page, where you can get your referral link. The Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ area,
You can open a support ticket through the HELP section, and you can chat with other
PLAY ROYAL members using the CHAT option. I will click into the Referral section real
quick. From here you can access your referral / affiliate
link at the top of the page… So if you are getting massive value out of
this video and want to get started gaming on PLAY ROYAL, if you’d like to support my
production of valuable cryptocurrency content that helps you make more money, I would super
appreciate if you used my affiliate link down below in the video description to get started. And a BIG Thank you in advance! If you share your affiliate link for Play
Royal, the amount you receive as a referrer is a percentage of the ‘house edge’ on the
game played, based on your account rank. To receive higher rewards, you can rank up
your Play Royal account by gaining XP playing the games. That will also unlock other options for customizing
your player account. If we scroll down just a little bit more,
it will show us some more specific details of exactly where your earnings come from as
an affiliate… Now you are going to earn a bit more as you
rank up on the site, but by default when you first start out as an affiliate, you will
be able to earn 10% of the house edge on wins, 25% of all trading fees, 5% of the rake paid
in the texas holdem poker games, and whoever you refer through your link will also gain
a 1% mining bonus for 1 week… Which means they will gain 1% more in potential
income by gaming on the Play Royal platform using any of the 5 supported cryptocurrencies
that qualify for ‘mining’.. And to just completely fill you in on how
the mining works, you can see more details about that on the mining information page
of PLAY ROYAL, and we can get to that area by just clicking the arrow on the bottom navigation
again, and then I’m going to click where it says ‘mining’ in the lower navigational menu. First off this will show you how much Reward
token has been burned, and provide details about the mining and burning of the RWD token… Just scroll down a little bit further, and
it will display how much bonus Reward token you can earn by gaming with a certain amount
of any of the supported cryptos on Play Royal… Basically everytime you gamble an accumulated
15,000 PLAY tokens on PLAY ROYAL games you will mining 1 RWD token. Every time you gamble an accumulated 86 Tron
you earn 1 RWD token. For each bet of 1.24 USD Tether you will mine
1 Reward Token. For each 0.000165 worth of bitcoin that you
hold on the account you will mine a Reward token… and last but not least, you will
mine 1 RWD token for each 0.0095 ETHereum that you bet on games. This all adds up nicely in the end if you
play the games, and will help you maximise on your profit potential with Play Royal’s
Reward token… If you scroll down a little further it will
show you any active mining bonuses, and right now as you can see they are offering a 5%
bonus of Reward token for gaming using the PLAY token. Now that you understand how the mining works
on this platform, I’m going to click where it says PARTY in the navigation at the bottom
of the screen. The Reward Token Burn Party gives you the
opportunity to burn your accumulated Reward tokens to recieve a share of the cryptocurrency
prize pool for that day… So as you scroll down you can see the total
value of the prizes as it currently stands, and it will also provide a countdown for how
long until the daily distribution occurs, where everyone who burned RWD tokens will
receive their share of the prize to their Play royal crypto wallets. Scrolling down a little further you will also
see how much of each cryptocurrency makes up the total prize pool and make your decision
on if you want to burn RWD that day or not. If you scroll down even more, down past the
form where you can burn your Reward tokens, it will show you how many Reward tokens have
already been burned towards the current pool. That may also be another factor in determining
whether you want to participate, as of course you will recieve a greater share of the prize
pool the more RWD you burn and the less that is burnt overall by others. If you decide to take the plunge earlier in
the 24 hour cycle of the pool, you will get a bonus percentage added onto whatever you’ll
get at the end of the cycle based. Once you burn some RWD, it will display your
share of each of the cryptos in the prize pool. If you scroll down even further, it will show
a history of your payouts from participating in the Reward party prize pool… here are
some of my recent payouts… it only goes back so far unfortunately. I’ve had some pretty significant payouts over
time, on certain lucky days where the Play Royal casino had a greater than usual amount
of overall gambling / dapp transaction volume.. I’m going to show you one more thing on this
site today, by clicking the arrow once again via the navigation menu at the bottom of the
screen… Then I’m going to click where it says CHAT
on the far right of the navigation menu And that will pop out a chat area from the left
side of the screen. You will be allowed to make engage in the
conversation here once you have leveled up for the first time, by playing the games on
the platform. That completes my review and walkthrough of
the online Play Royal Casino Dapplication. I know that if you love to play online casino
games you are absolutely going to love the Play Royal gaming platform… Keep an eye out for my next video about Play
Royal coming soon, where I’m going to show you all about the TEXAS Holdem Poker game,
and how to play it using the Tron Wallet Play application for your desktop or laptop computer. If you loved the training I provided in today’s
video about Play Royal, and want to support me so I can keep producing content that helps
you make more money in the crypto world… I would super appreciate if you registered
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soon enough to show you how access and play Texas Holdem Poker. I would certainly appreciate your support
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I am here to help! Caleb Wright signing off, I look forward to catch you soon with even
more value. may you grow in bitcoin prosperity until next

Zane Wilson

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