Place Dauphine — a notorious burning at the stake and the Cour de Cassation

Well, here we are in the Place Dauphine. And
this is interesting, with the Cour de Cassation over the far side. It’s one of the oldest
squares, started by Henry IV in 1607, apparently. But the interesting thing is, contrary to
what it says on the plaque across the way in the Square du Vert Galant, just here, and
this is No.26, although there’s no number on it, is the very place where the last Master
of the Templars was burnt alive. Well, so it says on the sign here. I’ll do
some research, who knows which is the truth? I don’t know whether you can hear me above
the wind, but this is the other end of the Place Dauphine, and this is the Cour de Cassation,
as I understand it. Pretty impressive building, with an incredible number, as you can see,
of police vans in front of it. And as you can see, there’s one side of the
island, seen from the other.

Zane Wilson

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