Part 6: Delegate stake to your stake pool

– [Alejandro] Now our
next step is to delegate a stake to a stake pool. So let’s do that. We need to go again to GitHub. Go to jormungandr-qa repository, and we will download it
from the scripts file. Farther we are going to download it the delegate account script. This is awesome because we can use it. So let me download at
the delegate account. Thank you you very much to the QA Team that created these scripts for us. And we make the delegate
account executable. And now let’s look at, that’s our shell. Let’s look at the
parameter studied as first. So it requires from us a stake pool ID, which if you remember,
we got the stake pool ID when on step five, no, on step four when we created a stake pool certificate. That was thew final thing that we got. And it also ask us for
the REST port of the API, 3,001 holder in your case, and the secret key of the account. So that’s pretty cool. So delegate account, stake pool ID, which we already got. Here you should copy paste yours, not use the variable, and then private key, private key that we got
from the creating account all the way when we did
it back on stage three. Okay, and so we do that, and
now it’s delegating our stake. You can see here what
the script does for us. It creates a delegation certificate for the account address, create the offline transaction, adds inputs transaction and
a certificate to transaction, finalizes transaction, creates a witness, adds a witness to the transaction and show the transaction info,
which is currently this one. This is very important because
I want to share with you to actually do delegation
step it just is like by hand, it’s very involved. It’s a list, eight or nine steps, which you need to be very careful with, but with the create with
the delegate script, it’s very easy. So now here we have the check
the account delegation status. We have done three
transactions with our account, and we have delegated to
these pool IDs, stake pool ID. You remember, it was my stake pool ID, and now my account is delegated to that. I can even show you get account address with just line, get
account address locally, and you can see here. This is the pool to where I
have delegated the stuff to. And the current level assets
in my account is this one, less that we started
because I have paid a lot of transaction fees with
creating the stake pool and stuff like that. That’s pretty cool! So we have delegated our stake
to the stake pool using USLI. Obviously our users, our ada holders, are going to use Daedalus and Yoroi, and they will have that
in their user interface. I’m going to show that in another video.

Zane Wilson

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