Hi everyone Welcome back to my channel you with a mirror from a mirror i’m gonna be doing a review about these new cards Sans Suzy cards or sans souci in French cards. These are produced or published by Nadine Brightenstein and she has her own Shop and platform and channel, I believe in mainly in German, but she’s also releases cards in English, and she Has an Amazon Site, this is not a sponsored our review This is just a review and the Dean often sends me her cards whenever she publishes her new decks She does have quite a few dicks. So if you’re interested in these check out the link below and once again, it’s not sponsored Okay, I always find that reading cards. It’s always good to Put some sort of a question in there If it’s to general if you’re asking, you know, I just want to general spread it there can work as well you can shuffle the cards and just see what comes out what cards jump out or you can do a fan and Just pick some cards with your left hand That often I find is the intuitive hand if you’re right-handed If you’re left-handed, I’m left-handed. So I just pick with a left hand anyway That’s how it is. So these two kind of wanted to jump out I want you to sort of tune into the cards and just ask a question and see what comes up Yeah, just for fun. Let’s see just for fun And then we’ll have a look at some of the cards in depth first impression. They’re very colorful I really like the artwork on them I really like the they’ve got the description below but you can also interpret them in your own way as well You can see how they run together or you’re getting interpreted in your own way Okay, so let’s have a look at some of the cards horizon of Hope The waiting is worth that patience pays off waiting for a beloved person uniting fusion of twin flames Fulfillment in accordance with a life plan wanderlust travel and voyage and the good thing. Is that it The meanings of them are written below. So these cards are looking different You know, you might not understand exactly what they are and then you’ve got the the writing is on them as well There’s also a ship out to sea Horizon of hope that’s a good it’s a good message. Okay, the Cataclysm disaster cuz cast Catastrophe tragedy doomsday mood fate misfortune death, okay So if either something’s about to happen or you feel like something’s going to happen or something might happen There could be some sort of you know disaster or just a mood that is sort of like manifested maybe from this Horizon of Hope situation waiting and hoping hoping and waiting never gets you anywhere. Anyway, you really should be doing and acting and constructing To get the action get the flow of energy moving and then we’ve got secret society a well-kept secret To reveal a dark secret discretion unwavering secrecy running against walls, okay So there could be something going on behind the scenes behind the walls behind some sort of situation that you have not been able to Unravel and by unraveling it. It could very well be That you’re going to have some sort of doom and gloom disaster like it might it might feel to you like it’s a very heavy heavy type of Situation. So this is just giving you an example of how you can run the cards together This is about reading cards if you want to join my inner circle group. I am teaching everybody how to accelerate their Intuition their skills in the esoteric arts and what to do and how to do it so you run the cards together you make them into a story and a picture and I often see things through my third eye like a movie so when I’m reading for people that’s like an energetic download I just see everything unplaned like a movie because I’m more clairvoyant But you can feel into the cards and you can see that there’s a story here that’s sort of lining up. So Here you might say, you know There’s lost hope there’s some sort of our people with this waiting and hoping business a secret society something’s hidden that you find out that causes a big up or catastrophe or dealing with your own gloom and doom which Might not be going according to your plans Yes, so there could be some sort of uncovering a secret that is going to be shifting your energy into a different realm so let’s have a look at some other cards and see so after this happens this unveiling of this secret and Finding out the truth about something what else is going to happen? tune into a question What is going to happen when what is going to happen when this when I go here or do this or do that? What is going to happen in relation to a certain subject? My work my health my career my living situation my Travel plans My friendships my love life my relationships Okay, so just tuned in and let’s see what else will and I’ll go through the cards individually as well so you get to see them all and We can but it just just gives you a sample of how to read the cards how to run them together into a story and How I read the cards. Yeah So here we go. Let’s have a feel into it and see okay You just said what’s gonna happen around my solar return this year the saw the return is your birthday? What’s gonna happen around my birthday this year? What’s happening? What’s my birthday? Saw the returns gonna bring this year? 2019 okay I’m just going to take them off the top cause we didn’t have any jumping cards The black hat all I love cats especially black cats. Actually. I really love black cats. I think they’re so Sort of Intense and loving they usually are very intense and loving the ones I’ve met anyway Okay, prison of glass ghost of the past Oh Oh my god black cat streak of bad like misfortune accident superstition primal fears Conspiracies hazards and the number thirteen, so if you if you don’t like the number thirteen, you might want to avoid it Something introdu with also the full moon things coming to a head there could be a black cat around you there could be somebody who is Lingering around that’s what my filling is on this lingering around that could be from the past if they are from the past the ghosts Okay Prison of glass bashfulness Prejudices being watched stalking are Feeling unwanted alone sitting in a glass house childhood tour more restrictions this could be someone from your past like your childhood or somebody stalking you on the internet or they could be trying to chew I Have a feeling for me who is related to so we’re going to put that person in their place Yeah so it could be some sort of things that have happened in the very distant past that are trying to catch up with you and it doesn’t mean that they will it just means that they could be trying to I mean There’s just so many weird people out there and haters out there. So Yeah At times, you know at times but there’s also some very You know if you’re protected you’re protected and that’s the end of the story. Yeah, it goes to the past Someone trying to catch up with you They might want revenge but whether they’re going to get or not is another story, okay? so I wouldn’t let things alarm me with this and Very nice cards. Here’s well, so let’s have a look and see But you might find that there’s also quite a few of these bottles here in this city kilos Dick which are really really nice really interesting. There’s quite a few Bottles and that could be like you’re in a glass house looking out at what’s going on around you Watching all of these toads spin around on their heads you could say as well because what’s coming to me through the cards? Mm-hmm Okay, let’s pick three more just to finish off this this little spread here So the doomsday thing could be something that you’re fearing it could be somebody from the past some secret that they’ve got up their sleeve Okay, beautiful flamingoes of love, it’s a gorgeous card that’s one of my favorite cards in this deck Love messages big true love partnerships lovers authenticity. Your needs will be satisfied harmony balance and hope That’s nice Beautiful I Love the flamingos. They’re just gorgeous. Okay frog Prince he Arrogance broken promises to exploit someone humility repent penance fighting for love change of heart mind So you might meet somebody and decide that they’re not the person that you thought they would be Or there could be somebody after you from the past. I still feel like this frog Prince could be somebody from the past who it may be Trying to upset your current situation that which is the Flint flamingo’s of love The soul eater. Okay control Computation uneasiness helplessness violation of confidentiality stalking stalking again complicated situation with many detailed facets afraid of people Interesting. Okay, so it could be that you’re going through a stage of not wanting to Attract unwanted attention is what I’m getting here. Yeah. So let’s have a look through some of the other cards leprechaun very cute Book of life that’s a that’s a gorgeous card Akashi chronicles book of life the pink castle floating on pink pink clouds hopeless us optimist Willy-nilly Decisions choosing the easy or the stony road The Sun always shines after the rain tumblr survival ibis storm Hmm. I like Willie nearly. They say that a lot in Australia message in a bottle This is another one of the bottles. I think this is a gorgeous card waiting for good news. Hope for the best patience trial communication Correspondence secret letters messages Final journey The Firebird looks like a phoenix purification regeneration Home of relaxations is nice filling at home moving decorating properties as Above so below Golden autumn. This can be related to time frames or something that might happen around october/november The Nanny this is fun equal rights housework home life children Another beautiful bottle. I really like the bottles in this stick the first time I spread the cards. I got the trap butterfly and the Message in the bottle. Yes, the two bottles end of transformation to reach a target finishing straight successful ending Unfolding of personality beauty personal block blooming and development Magic spring so this can be it attached to a an energy of youthfulness blossoming awakening infatuation or a spring timeframe March to may Miss charming sweet-talking persuasiveness. That’s a cute card the Big Bang Emotional explosion the universe life-changing spear. It’s Enchanted Easter, this can be March to June small animals public holidays feast ceremonies Coin of doom, I like the Euro they’re going down into the water financial troubles losses The skull of Evanescence Live your life here, and now enjoy savor every day. Don’t waste your time. Don’t talk do it expansion of consciousness Keep hold of this blissful fortune and you might want to just pause black go through the video like just Pause it at a certain timeframe and then pick gum, that could be a reading for you land of milk and honey very pretty Mrs. Pleasure harmony relaxation satisfaction yoga meditation Snail pace Patience Wings of love, that’s beautiful with the elephant choosing love instead of fear initial difficulties to be faced with emotions feelings The little owl disease sickness cold rest stay at home snuggling or cuddling haunted house Oh fear of loneliness fear of the unknown Another glass the hourglass caution card clock is ticking waste of time Community of values crisis refusal exit far-reaching decisions disintegration Some interview with Europe laws politics the brexit Yeah, the umbrella of the British that’s interesting interesting card Magical birthday. This is nice a great event birthday as a point of reference clue Invitations sociability manifesting wishes, very nice Wonderland of thoughts it is a little bit Alice and wonderland some other designs differently Pumpkin carriage. Okay. He loved hearts. I Think I had the pumpkin courage in my Instagram Instagram Stories. Yeah, Instagram daily readings Kilo of hearts heal your heart open up your heart Learn to love yourself path of poison sweet poison cannot resist loss of reality addiction obsession Kingdom of desires everything is possible Working with a vision board. Happy Halloween. This can be a time related or about jokes pranks customs and traditions Lonely mermaid to feel alone and misunderstood exclusion being the black sheep Enchanted summer enjoyment of life easiness public spirit sociability togetherness vacations Okay tree of love that looks beautiful a big love is growing a trust in love Settle down to start a family wedding romance The green-eyed witch malevolent jealous resentful hostile. Malicious joy hate moody The dark corner shame regret fear punishment suppression darkness Grandmother willow Wisdom sage sage earnest experienced mentor tutor parents Good vibes best friend a trust and comfort To trust and confide in somebody to find offer support solace and protection friends for life Winter wonderland Christmas so that can be indicative of a christmas time winter time cold snow Christmas markets festivals Prince of roses Reverent secret heart desires secret admirer secrecy out of love to keep a secret to protect someone special Doors of fate Fateful decisions either yes or no no point of return Point of no-return portal days returned into past lives. That’s interesting. Yeah, that looks like a past life regression Okay, well this is a nice card I like this one the Kraken of the underworld the last big obstacle to take the last challenge to beat the final enemy The finish line is close enough to touch destiny purpose determination and the last card Is journey of soulmates beautiful dolphins here waiting for your soulmate twin flame deep desire for love instinct certainty in soul contracts So they’re the cards everybody. Yeah They are the cards. I hope you enjoyed that Review, I feel like they’re quite fun to use. They’re quite different but has some different themes and ideas I do believe there are 44 there It doesn’t say it. I don’t think on the box. It’s very small trend. It’s very difficult to see What it says Yeah, but there’s very beautiful cards, so if you want them check them out and Yeah until next time take care ciao for now

Zane Wilson

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