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Zane Wilson

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  1. im binge watching ur vids and this is the first video i watched where there's music and i was literally shocked. though it was an ad🤣

  2. I've recently found your channel and have been enjoying the content. The moment you chose to throw in some Lil Dicky was the moment I decided to subscribe.

  3. You so cute and so so beautiful as well as so very intelligent I fell in love with you right away. Dont get me wrong you are one of your own kind❤

  4. Hej thank you
    A heating hack for you: ask your landlord if your heating has an inbuilt Thermostat. Instead of turning up and down the heat that thing regulates it to a certain temperature, which is said to be money-economical and ecological🌱.
    But yes if you are gone for a week, it is better to turn off. Also your fridge, please 👛😍

  5. Your videos are really awesome.You are so elegant with great accent and your beautiful smile adds to whatever u u.

  6. Oh I love you ❤️ you translated the vedios to Arabic language ❤️ thank you that will hel many people to listen to your vedios 😍😍😍 iam from Egypt 😘🇪🇬 you looks like one Egyptian artist called amina khalil I love you both 😍😍😍😍

  7. Turning off the heat during the winter is also really easy way to grow mold, not even the money saved will cover the repair cost of that..

  8. Dit kan ik ook doen 🙂 I will def try to incorporate those tips and try (once again) to go plant-based…I zigged off track so time to reboot for my own health and happiness! Vanuit Toronto via Utrecht :-0

  9. Alright I’m confused. She definitely has an American accent yet those bills she’s throwing off on the table are Euros. Definitely not American or Canadian bills. What is going on here… why is this girl getting me all confused???

  10. I love books and we have a bookmarket twice a year where people can donate books and buy books. The money goes to charity and if that is not reason enough, the books are on average 1 euro a book. I don't have to buy new books (i love the smell of old books) and i am always suprised what i find. Once a year i evaluate all the books i have and the ones i don't intend on reading anymore are going back to the market.

  11. I saved lot of money before watching this video but seriously there were like 5 6 points in this video which will make really a good diff in future saving

  12. جميل للغاية طريقة توفير الاحتياجات واتباع اسلوب مبتكر للعيش اكثر سلامة وضمان للتوفير المصاريف له فعالية وفائدة ايضا يحرز نتائج وتقدم من البداية اتباع هذه التعليمات 😃نحن لحسن الحظ لانعاني من هذه الحالة الاسراف بالمصاريف او هدر الاموال خاصة ان الامم المتحدة توفر لنا كل الطلبات نعيش حياة برفاهية اصبحت اغنى لاجى بالعالم السبب هوا تقديم المساعدات لنا دائما طبعا بالاحلام وقت النوم اخر اقتراح قررت ان اضع الاموال في البنوك السويسرية 😀 اصبحت مديونير
    غير متوفر شيء من الامور التي تتحدث عنه الاول لحتى يكون كل هذه الامور 😂😂😂😂😂

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    لم يبقى لدينا شيء ثمين بالحياة سوا هذا الشيء لانستطيع الاستغناء عنه قطعا هذه القصه مرعبه 😂😂😂

  14. "I can't afford this" isn't this a statement of lack when it comes to the principle of like attracts like ? Maybe we gotta try saying "I am fine without this material" sounding good enough.

  15. We are a family with a 1 yr and 3 months old baby and lives in London. I normally spend 50 to 60 pound per week on food, baby milk and nappies etc. I buy cloths once a while and go for eating and coffee once a month. I never carry card and have always 50 pound in my purse weekly. My friends sometimes makes fun of me because they cant accept that i am using 60 pound in london for a family of 3 in a week. But hey why is it not possible? 😊

  16. You are absolutely the most graceful person on YouTube.
    And your first tip to unsubscribe to channels that actually do hauls and reviews was something that got me thinking. I almost always end up buying makeup or clothes that I didn't even need when I see review videos. And your tip works on so many levels, because YouTube makes video suggestions based on what you search or most often view. So for example if your watching a haul or review you are automatically suggested millions of similar videos. And you are subconsciously prompted towards products that you watched in reviews even in your browser and other social media ads. It's such a vicious cycle.
    Thank you so much.

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