Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness?

Zane Wilson

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  2. To be honest, money ≠ happiness. It is better to be both happy and rich. But being average-ish can also make you very happy. I have a girlfriend whose father has 10 supercars and some helicopters. But my gf is struggling so much depressions despite her rich family. Money doesn't directly buy happiness. But I am sure you don't wanna just stay broke and say your happy 🙂 Being both rich and happy is the best.

  3. Dan Lok, you COMPLETELY missed the point of "money doesn't but happiness". It's not about being rich making you happy or sad. The point is that your happiness shouldn't have to be dependent on your bank account. Happiness comes from doing meaningful things and building positive connections with others. The article is for people who base their life on how much they earn which makes them sad or depressed.

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  5. There is a big difference between "happy" and "lucky".Real luck really can't buy money…that you only found in yourself…and I say that through experience.Because it doesn't depend on what you're experience,it just depends in which condition you experience it.

  6. Money doesn’t buy happiness well sure you can go on holidays but i got to be honest if you dont have someone to share that time with… ir will feel really empty tbh

  7. Money is energy as everything else, I would say that money is even spiritual Cuz the procesos to obtain it is all about growth … I mean, Iberian it the right way lol

  8. When he said "this is how broke people rationalize" I laughed. 😂 Sure money doesn't buy happiness, but being broke or poor definitely makes life frustrating.

  9. I love all your motivation video sir
    Im a single mom ,I have seen so many up's and downs in my life money is very important in our life ,we can't denie that…..

  10. Things money can get you

    1. A roof over you head
    2. Food
    3. Clothes
    4. Shoes
    5. A car
    6. Health insurance
    7. The ability to travel
    8. Pursue your passions

    Things being broke can get you


  11. I have been watching your videos for while.. wanted to see a video about the most ridiculous and dumb phrase "Money Doesn't Buy Happiness" that keeps people away from achieving success, so I was searching for the phrase not expecting you made a video about it and I found your video. so glad 🙂

  12. I think people mean in this quote is that money isnt everything in life and its sure as heck wont buy all the happiness in the world still doesnt mean they want to be broke or are broke or think being broke is the best option .You look down on poverty without knowing peoples circumstances. The problem is nowadays the extreme social media influence with people making their career showing off how rich they are . And its suddenly all about buying things and things and things and that truly stressed me out so much and i cant stop obsessing over money. I dont need anything at all . Yes perhaps save for vacations which i did from my hard earned money , but as when it comes to things , the obssession given by thid world to buy and buy truly is destroying us. i dont want to be poor whatsoever and my circumstances now dont allow me to work more than minimum wage jobs cse i cnt afford to do internships for free and pay for child care which is exuberantly expensive here, but i realized this chase and obssession that i developed for money and wanting to have more and more because u never get satisfied with what you have , truly took a toll on me. I buy almost everything that i want. i save up ,i buy. yet RARELY did these material possesions bring me joy. rarely . Money is important , for me , to be able to travel and do thingd with my family and help others in need and ofcourse thr most umportant pay the bills. But to obssess over because of the pressure put on by society it and people running like crazy to buy the luxurious stuff and buy more and more id just not right

  13. No such thing as poverty haha before technology or corporations was even a thing there was no such thing as the rich people forgot about who we truly were as human beings we were warriors

  14. My sons asked me to construct better house, they want their separate room, TV, …… so they can use those per their private time , they say they would be so happy if we can do that , but i can't afford it , so i am happy

  15. That note that he read is true but money still does buy happiness… I get excited when I see something I really want and I’m able to afford it. One of the best feelings in the world. Even when what I’m buying isn’t that important.

    It does buy happiness, but what it doesn’t do, is cure depression. It can help you feel better for a while but when you’re really sad about something, it keeps coming to mind every other day or week or so and makes you feel sad all over again. Money won’t make that feeling go away perminantly, but it will bring you true joy if you’re not depressed already.

  16. Ahh the same BS i here on ever video. Look the answer to this qustion depends upon how you define hapiness . thats it

  17. I know rich people with depression. I make more money now but I'm also more depressed because like the video states, spending money helping others thus seeing the impact will make you happy. I have experienced that when the students I tutored for free thanked me a year later when they qualified for apprenticeships and tertiary. It made me happier than when i bought myself a new phone that most in the company couldn't afford.

    The issue isn't can more money make you happier , it is how much is enough? There are billionaires that live ordinary cheap lives while the poor are dying trying to act rich. If you're content with what you have and not lusting after what your neighbor has, youll be happier cause if you don't have what they have it means you never needed it in the first place. Thus in the end, most things we buy are a result of the things we saw, not what we thought we needed.

    Just be content.

  18. People take being poor too lightly. They’ve never really been in a state of poverty.
    Right! I don’t know why they always equate poverty with happiness and misery with being rich.

  19. And from this teen age guy point of view….all the things that you want only be runned by one engine and that is curiosity

  20. Wow dan amazing video is is true i agree 100 percent with that is just like that. Being poor makes your life miserable. I can tell that from personal experience.

  21. There is no relation between hapiness and richness after you reach a certain level of wealth where of course you don't live pay check to pay check but you reach a certain comfort and you limit expenses and have investments. Sometimes even rich men have to die no mater how rich they are, wealth doesn't always offer more health. So there is some wisdom of that saying.

  22. What you said represents exactly how I feel! And I'm so glad you are here to share this! I tried explaining that to my brother, but he wouldn't listen!

  23. i guess most people measure their happiness by their job.
    As their position gets higher in a company they get higher pay, more work and more stress
    Most people hated their job while they get higher pay compared to others
    They may get much higher pay but they may not find happiness. But if for those who build their own company and do what they love ,they found happiness while making the money.

  24. Great video! You know what at my school I developed several egos that made me helpless today. That same school preaches that money can't buy happiness. I remember one of your videos when you said that one of the worst feelings in life is when your loved one or a relative needed your help but you can't because you're helpless. I've felt that. And I'm stuck. Its true that poor people, religious people, people who wanted to look and sound smart rationalize that money can't buy happiness. Rich people can sell you products and services that can make you happy. Rich people even knew why you're not happy and teach you the real things that can make you happy.

  25. Hi Mr. Dan,
    I'm really interested in your videos. Can you do me a favour talking about the young people mindset that make me a second thought as below.
    Thesedays alot people immigrate to big city to find job and make money. That depress the infrastructure and environment and people do more negative behaviour tricks and toxic foods.
    They say that better go to the country side and do like a farmer for better health and happiness. They scare about struggling at modern city to make more money.
    It that the right thought to think of?
    I look forward to your video about this topic.

  26. So agree with u! Everyone around me including me we are so unhappy and we are searching for ways to get better financially salaries are super low and we have unemployment and high inflation rate This is make us so unhappy depressed, u can't even pay your medicine, ).. people are trying to migrate or they start again mlm or start up without money and it takes a lot of time to start to have an income plus we have now new low in Russia h work for 4 months for free then they just fire u … our of crisis… u turn up working 24/7 for free as they say for idea with super low income that u barley pay your bills, so I know how what's that to be unhappy since I came back home.. u can't even afford healthy food, transport, gym, medicine) how u can be happy… winter for 7 months in some cities-30c and it's so slippery outside and super cold so u need a good budget to buy good winter shoes, jacket etc … otherwise u will struggle ) …. I will never understand this "money don't buy happiness" ))

  27. But you does buy you being healthy, wealthy, successful and more without money wouldn’t have a chance for success I can tell you money can buy you happiness.

  28. Sir is saying right thing Eminem also said that money cannot buy happiness but money can buy things that will make you happy

  29. Kate Spade had 45 million dollars and commited suicide Anthony bourdain had 16 million dollars and also commited suicide. I know why they committed suicide it's probably because they didnt have more money yeah that's it it couldn't have been because they had bad mental health 🙄 🤔😒. I would rather be rich than live in poverty for comfort but if I have depression no amount of money will cure that only therapy and an epiphany could. I agree more people should work hard but I also think that money shouldn't be equated to happiness because I have had a decent amount of money and bought a bunch of things that I wanted and they are good distractions for a while but as humans we are never totally satisfied the only way true happiness is peace of mind and that can partially be achieved through money but there are also social, personal insecurities and mental disorders that can get in the way of finding true peace.

  30. Happinesses is based on mental health not money , eat the right foods exercise , find hobbies and passions do things you love doing, invest in yourself the real wealth is health. But in the same time you need to manage debt and generate some income, it doesn’t have to be a lot but some income so it can make things a little easier

  31. Where this video has been before. I regret I can only like it once.
    Money can't buy me happiness but I'd rather love to cry in my own damn Lamborghini than in a 30 seated public bus.

    I'll be a billionaire for sure, I believe I can and so I will. 😏

  32. Money does too buy happiness!!
    Even the Bible states " Money Answereth All Things!!!😂😂😀😀

    If i was wealthy single, wow!
    Life would be much better and be business for your self😃

  33. Just wondering a lot of people do have millions or billions still commit suicide!! They do have everything but still they are not contented! And if the are on their peak and fail, their solutions is to commit suicide!

  34. Thank you Dan for opening our eyes. Think about it…….. You can't be happy sleeping on the streets. 😢You can be wealthy and happy

  35. Really? I don't know about your parents but my parents always told me that money was very important and to get a good job. Ok yeah the media says otherwise but you'd be a moron to listen to the media because it's run by left winged hypocrites.

  36. My boy: "Today, my teacher told me that Money doesn't buy Happiness."
    Me: "Ahhhh that's what the rich people say to keep the poor feel good about themselves and slave away harder at their dead end jobs for the rich son."
    My boy: "@@"

  37. My boy: "Today, my teacher told me that Money doesn't buy Happiness."
    Me: "Ahhhh that's what the rich people say to keep the poor feel good about themselves and slave away harder at their dead end jobs for the rich son."
    My boy: "@@"

  38. Money Can Buy Happiness !!!
    That's All !!!

    Money Is What Money Does !!!


  39. Personally, I don't like or want money. However, everywhere I turn or go and in my daily life, I"m bombarding with people who loves and wants my money. Can you people who say money isn't important also tell the DMV, my landlord, the gas & electric company, my dentist, the clerk in the supermarket when I checkout that money isn't important too? I have actually once told the clerk that no matter how rich or poor we are, we all will still turn into same ashes anyway and he still insist I pay or would call security on me. If you can convince them to not like my money then I would absolutely not want any as well.

  40. Thank you Dan. Money can buy Worldy Happiness at All. You can't buy money with love but you can buy love with Money.. So, Money is more powerful than love..

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