Metagaming (Warp Zone 2)

>>Ben: So in Eve Online, at least until fairly
recently, you were part of an alliance called, the alliance is
called GoonFleet?>>Matt: The alliance was Goon Swarm.>>Ben: Goon Swarm. And the corporation?>>Matt: The corporation was Goon Fleet. Goon
Fleet is only open to members of or people that
have been sponsored in. Early in the new millennium we, you’d
look at somethingawful and you’d say, well that’s where kind of like
the memes started coming from, from somethingawful. That’s where
the first, sort of, Internet troublemakers came from and it
was, that was and still is sort of a nexus of where sort of
like the more meta-gaming comes from. Because it’s always,
you know, as Darius Johnson said it, “We don’t want to destroy
THE game, we want to destroy YOUR game.” Goon Swarm, well, Goon
Fleet has been one of the biggest corporations in the game mainly
because it had all the people from Somethingawful coming in and
they go to that one, you know, they’d come into Goon Fleet. And
then we had massive newbie drives where we would get people to
come from and started playing EVE
Online.>>Computer voiceover: We are the Swarm. We
exist as an entropic collective. A beautiful perfect Chaos. For
this we have become a target of fear by those who do not understand
the poetry of our actions. Every speck of ash floating amid
the Cosmos is another thread woven in the Tapestry of our Atrocities.
Every cry of suffering and frustration is another song
in our Symphony of Terror. Every Alliance collapsed, every friendship
broken, every Pilot betrayed, every life taken is another
footnote in this Darkest Chapter of the Galaxy’s History. New
Eden will burn, and it will do so by your hand.>>Matt: And also the propaganda; there is
the Eye of Terror which was a jump bridge, basically a fast space
high way to get from point A to point B.>>Matt: There were little corps, pet corporations,
you know, dominant corporations and then there’s basically
your, it’s more, think of like the Soviet Eastern Block countries.
And so we basically had a line of systems under our
control to be able to build this little space highway, and leading
up to the space highway being completed we launched this massive
propaganda campaign saying that, “We are coming.” This
mass of people’s coming, there’s nothing you can do about it,
and when we get here, you’re done. You might as well just
pack your stuff and get out. If you run, we’re not going to chase
you. Just go back to Empire, you can keep your stuff. If not, you’re
losing everything. And it worked.

Zane Wilson

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