LYn is outraged, “The last broadcast was a crap!” [Happy Together/2018.02.01]

I watched the show with a live chat room.
I tend to obsess over things like that.
Everyone thought I’d get to leave early.
It was really sad as I watched myself.
– Since you know what happened. / – Right.
I kept remembering how I wore hair extensions.
You could see my real hair underneath. It was ugly.
The people in the chat room commented on my hair.
So many of them said that!
I almost changed salons.
Nothing went your way that day.
Nothing went my way! I looked ugly…
I heard you got angry at Seokhoon on the phone.
I called her.
Seokhoon called me right after my shoot ended.
I was upset from being last
and he barely managed to get 3rd.
– Who? / – You!
No, no.
He did barely get 3rd.
He barely managed to leave.
I was embarrassed and I felt bad for you guys.
So I was really upset on my way home
and Seokhoon called me saying, “Good work.”
How did people react after your episode aired?
– They felt bad for me. / – They did?
They feel sorry for me when I go to gigs now.
I had a gig in Hong Kong.
The interpreter is from Hong Kong.
He saw it?
Yes, he saw it.
I guess a lot of people in Hong Kong watch this too.
So he tried to console me.
He said I’d get to go home early today
if I did that gig in Hong Kong.
But he wasn’t very convincing.
Taewoo suggested that you be on this show?
He kept telling me that he had a great time.
– It was a lot of fun. / – I had a lot of fun too.
Then I saw him at a gig and we talked.
I said, “I can’t believe I was last!”
“That’s what happens.”
I felt like he was laughing at me.
“I was last too.”
That’s the day Seokhoon got 3rd.
– Being last is better than being 3rd. / – Why?
He barely managed.
Seokhoon is now the one that barely managed.
(The member of the top vocal group SG WANNABE)
(Source: CJ E&M)
(He was even the vocal trainer of Wanna One)
(I barely manage…)
“Barely manage” might be your related search term.
They seem more laid back.
Now people that saw the show will get confused.
I finished 3rd. I was not an ending singer.
You finished third, so why are you here?
This is the Ending Singer Special
and three of them are.
But not Seokhoon.
(So different)
Even though he was a 3rd place singer,
he had quite the impact. More than an ending singer.
It wasn’t really a nice finish.
Gummy was on the show too.
(Gummy has a concert so she couldn’t make it)
The 1981-born artists…
I think Wheesung got 3rd…
When 1981-born artists are paired with Seokjin…
Most of them…
When were you born?
The curse of 1981.
Whenever I’m with a 1981-born artist, I finish last.
Seokjin, what happened to you in 1981?
In 1981?
– Did you release your album then? / – No, no.
(Seokjin released his album in 1992)
He must be right!
Am I Na Hoona?
You were in middle school then.
Is there a prize for today’s ending singer?
That sounds terrible…
Today’s ending singer is the king of kings.
There should be a prize.
We’re here now to crown a king.
People look for the best of the best…
But this is the ending singer of ending singers.
We mentioned this earlier. This is Yeoksam.
Are you okay with Yeoksam?
Yeoksam is great.
We’re here because we talked about Yeoksam.
Kyungho mentioned Yeoksam.
And now we’re really in Yeoksam, people.

Zane Wilson

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