Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Two Aces in Blackjack

Right now I’m going to show you what happens
if a player gets two aces up, which is very exciting. Okay, here’s an ace, and here’s
another ace. Okay, here we have dealt two aces to the player, and we’re going to put
a chip in front to represent what they bet. Okay, when I come to the player, again it’s
up to the player to tell you if they want to split their aces, or any card for that
matter. So I get to the player, they have two aces up, their first card I dealt and
their second card I dealt. They say, “dealer, Pamela, I would like to split the aces”.
So here we go, the aces are split, I pull them apart, they match the bet again. Remember
this over here and I start with the first ace on the left, here they only get one card,
no matter what, and when I put the card down, I’m going to turn it a little bit to the
side, to represent no more cards. So here they have a twenty and regardless they can
not take any more cards with splitting aces, so I go to the next card on right, I turn
it a little bit, oh, this is a good example, if they actually happen to get a ten with
the ace which we know, they get a blackjack, in this case its not paid as a blackjack,
which is paid three to two. In this case its only paid as a twenty-one, meaning even money
so, when it’s a split on aces, its not an extra blackjack, its just what it is, its
twenty-one. So this was what happens when you split aces. You get one card on each,
turned to the side, a ten and an ace is only a twenty-one, not paid as blackjack and the
game applies, the other rules.

Zane Wilson

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