‘I Think They’re Both Full of Crap’ Says Judge ‘Scary Mary’

– Okay Truth Team, what do you think?
Judge Mary?
– I think they’re both full of crap.
And just for the record, crap means
continued resistance against peace.
– [Vivica] Oh.
– But I think this is really pathetic,
that grown women are acting like this,
and if you have children, and I don’t know
the answer to that, what
are you teaching them?
– Thank you.
– Areva.
– Well, I don’t know who
compiled those 400 pages,
but anybody that has the
ability, the mind, the time,
the skill level to do
that, that means you can be
doing something so much more
productive with your life.
And stop compiling evidence,
you’re not a lawyer, it’s not
a courtroom, do something
productive with your life, okay?
– [Vivica] Dr. Judy.
– Dana, you are an aggressive person.
And you’re putting all
that energy outwards.
There’s no room for you
to grow as a person.
– True, true.
– And internally, you need to do the work
if you wanna be the
best version of yourself
for whatever time you
still have left with Hal.
– Thank you.
– [Judy] If he’s important to you.
– He is, thank you.
– That’s where the energy should go.
So, we wanna help you
a little bit with that.
We reached out to Canvas
Health, and they’re gonna
offer you 15 session of
complimentary therapy.
– Oh great, okay.
– You can work through some of this stuff,
and maybe do a little
self-reflection, see where that goes.
– Kay.

Zane Wilson

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