How To Win On rng Roulette – RNG Roulette Patterns(Any Roulette)

you know now let’s say for example he is
playing you are playing on red and the
less numbers so the last two numbers
it’s 0 and 32 so as is in this example
so it’s the spin 0 and 32 so we have two
numbers closely as you can see here 0
and 32 now when you play you
you can play 11 and 30 so two numbers
closely eight or 30 23 or ten so two
numbers the last two spins must be two
numbers closely when you do that so as
in our case it’s 0 and 32 we add 1 euro
on these two numbers and we play these
two numbers so if you don’t come off so
if you don’t win we repeat a bet
we add even one and 32 so we have 1 in
32 and we now add another two numbers so
– we let pause and – we play again so if
we play 0 32 for and 31 and we don’t
need one we repeat that with the same
amount of money
0:32 4 and 31 we left two spaces and we
play even 17 and 34 you understand so we
play two numbers two space two numbers
two space so if we don’t want even in
the third time we repeat up add another
one euro 1 euro on each number we add
these numbers will repeat the back and
we add another two numbers so we add in
our example 30 and 36 you understand so
if you don’t want again we play again
these numbers
all right and we add another two numbers
all right after that we need to topple
up so the fifth time we double up I will
explain you everything inside the DVD
5,000 euro so my friends what I’m
teaching you is totally powerful
I’m not asking 5,000 euro for something
casual this is real proof that I did
relate from 9 years inside the DVD 5,000
euro you will understand all so again do
not play on real money in long-term
because if you play in real money on
long-term without having the rest of
three phases you lose the money so this
is only to show you that I’m talking
about professional roulette strategies
not casual strategies we’re talking
about very serious professional
strategies so to not confuse my work
with love share martingale Dalembert and
so on can Xion strategies and these
stupid strategies so this is not a
strategy for 1 euro 10 euro 50 euro this
is a strategy from 5000 euro DVD and
when I’m telling you that I know to be
too late I know to be delayed I know
what I’m talking about so guys if I can
make it with my help you can make a tube
so remember what you see here in this
strategy is only one phase but you need
all four phases so the rest of three
phases you will receive inside the DVD
5000 euro again this is something
I beat rng roulette patterns and ban it from casinos
I can send it you once you enter inside
the members area I can showing you
screenshots of casinos who have been at
me from casinos because I talk money
from them I giving you knowledge I
giving you very powerful stuff why I
giving you this secret while I giving
you because I cannot play all in Monaco
Monte Carlo Las Vegas where like when I
travel but
what can I say right now I sell my
secrets and you can play on any casinos
so you will be banished in the future
too but you will make tons of money as I
will make alright so remember in this
strategy you have only one face you need
the rest of three phases to understand
all the strategy so inside the DVD
fighters on euro I will explain you all
thank you so much guys
hope you enjoyed it so you will now see
real proof that I’m not talking about
stupid strategies this is very powerful
strategies best regards and we talk
inside members area

Zane Wilson

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