How Do I Make Money on YouTube?

Zane Wilson

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  1. But how can I get more views and subscribers. I do post videos but I just get single view. It seam like no one see my videos even I try to add keywords to those videos that I've produced.

  2. يا رب الي يتمني يموت هوه ومأدي فريضة العمره وهو وساجد لربو وربنا يسترو ويستر اهلو ويغنيهم يزور قناتي الاسلاميه عاوز اوصلها للقمه اشتركو واعملو ليك علشان اعرف مين الي اشترك

  3. I have a Question. how many hours or Day to saw your Video Got Ads. I got Reached and Approved in new Youtube requirements and already receive that monetized is available but yet for almost 24hours i check it and also ask my friend to check it too if theres an ads already. but he said an i saw too no Ads yet.

  4. For the very few that didnt know all that already there was no content that would make them say, that was very helpful.

  5. *I loved the video, yet this cycle has to be a gear, completing the other.
    I'm just waiting for the end of the analysis of my channel, to be part of this cycle.
    I already have 27,000 subscribers and almost 70,000 hours watched and waiting for a definition*

  6. Hello Sir ,
    I have complete 4000 hours of Watch Time 1000 Subcriber as per YouTube Policies.
    Kindly approve my youtube channel " Emon Squad " For Monetization.

    My Channel URL :-

  7. Благодарю за вдохновение и простую понятную информацию! Всем удачи! ))

  8. Hello, I am waiting for an answer for the monetization of my youtube channel since February! I pay subscriptions for epidemics sounds and tubebuddy and I am obligatorily in order with your requirements … I write beautifully on your forums never answer … We talk about the designer's depression thanks to you I'm in it! !!!

  9. There is something I still have no idea. I have a channel. My husband has also his own channel. If we sign up to Adsense, it means there are two Adsense accounts with different personal data, but the same address. Will this be a problem? I'm looking for the true answer from anyone. Thank you.

  10. Saya Belum Bisa Menghasilkan Uang Dari Youtube ,Padahal Channel Saya Sudah memenuhi syarat Tapi Belum di Monetisasi Sampay sekarang..
    Kenapa Channel Lama di Tinjau??

  11. To, Youtube

    Dear YouTube ,
    As you have the best payment system, we as video creators, are very concern about the new monetization threshold ,we as creators, work for years but get no result of even get sponsorship of what we creat till we cross the given threshold set by YouTube. I know there are a lot of advertisers who don't want to waste their efficiency on ads they provide to YouTube , therefore, another alternative is creator's shopping aspect of efficiency because the creator him/ herself is consumering part of economic engine , so the creator as a consumer him/herself will be able to generate some share base (between creator and YouTube) revenue to get sponsorship to his/her video production equipments.
    Thank you

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  13. Please, Advertissers muss personalise the needs of viewers, sorry some oh them its just disburbing the watching of video for nothing

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