Hot Lottery Winner Will PAY You To Be Her Boyfriend

Introducing britains youngest ever euromillions
lottery winner. 23 year old jane park won 1 million pounds
when she was just 17 years old. She is not only rich, she is beautiful, and
she’s offering a yearly salary for one lucky man to be her boyfriend. Honestly, does she really have to offer a
salary to get men to date her? Because that surprises me. Find out just how much this salary is, right
now on IO. What is happening people this is Inform Overload,
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make sure you do that! Our links are posted in the description. Before I get into this video, here’s a question
for you. What do you find most important in relationships. Humor, kindness, money. Whatever it is, let me know in those comments. The dating world is definitely a tough one. A lot of the time, its hard to tell if people
are interested in you for the right reasons, or not. And no one knows this better than Jane Park. Jane Park is 23 years old and shes from Scotland. She is both beautiful and rich, but being
beautiful and rich definitely isn’t everything. You would think that having those qualities
would be enough to find the right man. But Janes problem lies in knowing whether
or not her boyfriends love her for her, or for her money. Since jane won the lottery, she’s had terrible
dating luck. She dated Sam Callahan from X factor, but
he kissed someone else in front of her at a party. She and Brian Matthews also had a thing but
that didn’t work out. She also dated footballer Jordan Piggot. They were apparently blissfully happy and
she also met his parents, but things began to fizzle out. Janes story is proof that money isn’t everything. You could have all the money in the world
but if you don’t have someone to share it with, you’ll be extremely unhappy. Sure, jane has lots of material things, but
she says her life is empty. She thought winning the lottery would make
her life ten times better, but its actually ten times worse. Most days, she wishes she had no money. Jane has even considered suing Camelot, the
lottery company for ruining her life, and she thinks that no one as young as she was
should ever win the lottery. Camelot has responded to janes issues and
said that they have offered to appoint an independent financial and legal panel to help
jane manage her winnings, as well as put her in touch with another winner who won the jackpot
when they were young as well. This hasn’t deterred jane from wanting to
find her prince charming. She’s launched a huge campaign to find a
guy to be her boyfriend, and she’s offering a salary to whoever she chooses. But Jane is not after just ANYONE to date
her. She’s going to sift through likely a mountain
of applications that will be sent to her through a website where potential boyfriends can apply. Janes solution to her dating problem is, put
the money out in the open, and actually pay someone to be loyal. And the amount shes offering? 60 thousand pounds a year to wine and dine
jane which is almost 78 thousand dollars US. That’s a lot a chedda. To be fair, the salary is intended to be given
to a guy whos supposed to use the money for both of them. He cant just take the money and run, he’s
gotta treat her properly too. Jane’s story is actually the subject of
a new documentary that’s going ot air next year. If you guys are interested in applying, the
website is When you apply you’re only allowed to send
in one application, stating why you believe you would be a good match for jane, and also
what you plan to spend the salary on.Shes also gotten a lot of offers through the website
she launched and im honestly not surprised. She got around 10 thousand applications from
hopefuls in the first 24 hours alone. You should know that the application process
is going to be filmed for the documentary. That being said, I can’t honestly believe
that many of these potential suitors are actually interested in jane. There have been a lot of negative responses
to janes plight on social media. That being said, we wish jane the best of
luck. Alright friends, it is comment time, these
comments were from our video New Tide Box Looks Like Wine and we are thirsty. John the hacker – next will be tide pizza. I already made that last night. Sieger – stupid tide stop making your products
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