Grim Survival Fishing Card Trout Catch and Cook Day 19 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Zane Wilson

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  1. "I'm watching every episode" One of my kids has Zach's fascination with orange… Hoping I can grow my own little outdoorsman!

  2. "I'm watching every episode" well i have just finished watching them all. Absolutely great content. You and greg made a brilliant team and it made me want to eat more fish lol and because I'm not as good as your girlfriend i can't think of 30 different things to say so I'm just going to copy and paste this in every episode lol.

  3. "I'm watching every episode" – This show gives me the chance to vicariously build forts and play outside through you both!

  4. "I'm watching every episode" – my son and I have been hooked the whole way through the adventure! Such a great series!

  5. I'm watching every episode, I am very impressed that they could fit all that essential gear into just metal cards! That is amazing.

  6. Trying to start up a Chanel but dong have enough supplies would love to do an adventure with Fowler in the woods of oregon

  7. "im watching every episode" fish are, in, bitety mode today hahahahah those fishing gadgets are so compact they work, awsome…. #Fowlerdoesalot #shortcutsleadstocut

  8. so I guess I need to go back to every episode and state that I watched it, I did it was great, makes me miss summer!

  9. “I’m watching every episode” it’s good eating from here on out. These episodes are very up and down. Gotta have the bad with the good. Keep up the great job Fowler.

  10. Watching every one of these I'm a big fan. Would love to win the ultimate prize but at the same time just glad you are sharing this knowledge with us.

  11. “I’m watching every episode” and enjoying them all..that log slip and nut crunch by Greg will be a meme for a million years

  12. Fowler your love and fervor for the lord is contagiously using you to gain access and plant seeds for future crops of harvesting!!! Keep up your love and remember one that gave it all so we could be fishers of men

  13. love watching you. I'm a chef i have been on top chef many time. i moved back to finland so i think we should do a finnisch version. i feel the same about my son

  14. “Watching each and every episode” i think the cards for each day are amazing that a great idea with the verses and the compliments. Also amazing, your American flag coffee cup and Greg’s illustrious hair.

  15. "I'm watching every episode" – I need to load up on Grim Cards… haven't tried them yet but they look like A LOT of fun.

  16. Love the outdoors myself. Love God. Love these. Respect. The outdoors keeps my memories of my friends and family that I shared and what I shared with them. Thanks.

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