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– Delta is one of the best, okay, the best, U.S.
carriers to deal with. Now, I’ve flown a million miles on Delta, so I’ve earned some pretty nice
perks through Elite status. But even if you’re just
a casual Delta flyer, you can get a lot of those perks by holding the right card. So let’s talk about some
of the cards that I have in my wallet, and then some
that you’re better off skipping, if you’re looking to get
the best Delta experience. As the TPG Delta Connoisseur,
let’s talk about the first card you should consider. That’s the Delta Reserve
card from American Express. Now this is the creme de la
creme of all Delta cards, and it packs a serious punch. Now just for signing up
and holding this card, you get a buy one, get one
companion pass each year in first class, access
to Delta’s global network of Sky Club lounges, a free checked bag, priority boarding, and
some other Amex perks like purchase protection,
warranty extension, and even baggage delay insurance. The $450 dollar annual fee may seem steep, but it’s even less than just the Sky Club membership itself, which
retails for over $500 dollars. Not to mention that buy one, get one first class seat you get. So if you’re a small
business owner or consultant, consider the Delta
Reserve for Business card. Now with this card, you
get all of the perks I just mentioned, but
there’s one big bonus. You can have employee cards,
so each version of this card that you give to an employee,
whenever they spend money, you, as the business
owner, will earn miles into that master account. Alright, so now let’s talk about my second favorite Delta card. That would be the Platinum
card from American Express. Now this card doesn’t even
have Delta branding on it, but it’s really useful to
consider if you’re a semi-frequent or frequent flyer with Delta. So you may be wondering
why you would want a card with Delta that’s not a Delta card. Well, the Amex Platinum
is the only non-Delta card that still gets your free
access to Delta’s global network of Sky Club airline lounges,
and that’s a big deal. But in addition to that, it offers a ton of other
travel related perks. So if you’re already silver or gold, and you’ve got Priority
Boarding and free checked bags taken care of, the rest
of the Amex Platinum perks may make more sense for you. Now the Amex Platinum offers
a ton of travel benefits that the Delta Reserve doesn’t. So if you travel a lot, these
may be interesting to you. We’re talking Gold elite status in the new Marriott Bonvoy program
without any stay requirements, Gold elite status in the Hilton
Honors, also with no stay requirements, a fee credit
to cover Global Entry and TSA Pre check, both of
which are vital services for air travelers who value their time. (sighs) Okay. There’s a few more, monthly Uber credits, free Boingo Wi-Fi, Elite
status in three of the biggest car rental agencies, access
to Amex Centurion lounges at airports across the globe, and the ability to transfer
your points to partners, including Delta’s own Sky Miles program. (sighs) That’s a long list to run
down, but that’s great news for you signing up. Now, if you weren’t already aware, the Amex Platinum earns five
X on any airfare purchase, including Delta, so once
you have those points, you can transfer them into
your Sky Miles account for more free flights. Now that actually trumps the two X earned on the Delta Reserve. So technically, you’re better
off buying Delta tickets with an Amex Platinum. It has a $550 annual fee,
which is pretty steep, but that’s easily recouped by
even semi-frequent travelers. Okay so let’s talk about the rest. Delta offers co-branded
Amex cards at the Gold and Platinum level, and while
they have lower annual fees, I wouldn’t really recommend them. They don’t offer a whole
lot beyond Priority boarding and a free checked bag. And you’re still gonna be on your own for lounge access. So given that, I’d recommend
springing for one of the premium cards like the Delta Reserve or the American Express platinum card. So if you wanna learn more
about which Delta card is best for you, be sure to
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your travels truly epic.

Zane Wilson

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