Explaining The Roulette Wheel Numbers(Secrets!)

now in my tutorials in the last
tutorials I didn’t showing you games
made on real money now this is because I
made sessions in members area so when
you will gonna buy one of my programs
you were gonna see in members area in
real time on real money how I play ad
roulette but I will like in this
tutorial to showing you something about
roulette wheel numbers and why you need to understand
roulette in a deeper way
now many who are familiar with roulette
they know that roulette has a zone so
from this this is the bigger zone to
this which is the middle zone or the
small zone and the middle zone all right
now many of you try to play ad roulette
accordingly to this type of games but
you need to understand that roulette is
not these zones roulette it’s simple a
group of numbers and a table so what you
need to understand is that roulette is
playing few numbers
Paul is playing here few numbers now
when you will play at roulette with me
you will understand how to beat the
table so the roulette you will beat in
this manner from here and in this manner
from here so this is one alright and
this is two this is a table this is
something else so you beat the house in
this way like you see here and the
second is you beat the house like here
because as you can see roulette is
presented in two ways one is the group
of numbers as you can see here which is
you need to follow the group of numbers
you see here exactly how they are and
the second you focus yourself on the
table this is the table so this is a
different game alright so in any game
you are playing at red there are two
ways so this is the first way alright as
you can see here so you need to pay
attention at the numbers how they are
put here and this is the second way
which we will focus on the numbers we
all see here now the most important part
in roulette is from here to here
so what I’m showing you here is what is
much important for us this group of
numbers 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 26 29 and 32
now this is the most important part
which we will talk in our DVD 5,000 euro
and this is the second part let me help
you because I know what I’m talking
I’m a master at beating roulette and I
will not read from 11 years now I know
what I’m talking about because I am one
of the person from fewest person who
made more than 700 thousand euros from
roulette in 11 years if somebody can
helping you to understand roulette that
person is me and with my help you will
be dread but remember you don’t have to
say three zones of roulette roulette
it’s a group of numbers and you need to
play in one type and it’s a table
numbers which is a second type so if you
study both types you will understand

Zane Wilson

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