Ep 6 Don’t Touch Me | Top Management

Dear Dad,
it’s been a while since I left Mongolia.
Hope Mom and Paul are doing well…
When I first got here,
I thought I’d become Gulliver
in a strange land.
Although, I’m still not sure
who are the little people
and who are the giants.
I’ll teach him.
But I do know that some people
are incredibly wonderful.
I’ll fill you in on this next time.
The rest is not so different
from Mongolia.
The air is like Ulaanbaatar,
and people here lead busy lives,
just like Mongolians.
How can this be out of fashion…
I’m not teasing you guys…
Yes, I’m nearly there. Right outside.
Right, I guess people here
are more used to lying.
The 1GB data plan is 29,900 won,
and the 2GB plan is 34,900.
It says it’s free outside.
That’s almost free!
They lie to not get nagged,
to do well, to win others’ hearts…
You said that was the end.
This is the end for real.
The lies have no bad intentions,
but I get tired of them sometimes.
Maybe I am confused
about what is true and what is not true.
People ask more questions to a stranger.
Do I have to answer 100 questions?
Who’s this guy?
Isn’t Mongolia
the happiest place on earth?
Are you satisfied?
You related or something?
Can you put your hair up for a sec?
Whose side are you on?
Just like the man who invited me here.
I’m getting through these questions
and becoming a part of the team,
and I don’t mind that.
But from time to time, I miss the days
when we used to gaze at Paul in silence.
Stay well, Dad.
You’re SOUL’s manager now?
Yeah, that happened.
You should know this
about the boy band fans.
They are not gonna like a pretty manager
by their idols’ side.
So you approve of my pretty face.
Oh, no. I smell trouble.
What are they gonna do?
As long as I stick to my job.
You’re a woman too.
If a guy like Yunwoo is nice to you,
I bet your heart won’t be able
to handle it and it’ll melt.
And the fans will catch you.
That’s never gonna happen.
Class is starting.
-Please leave the room.
-Call me, I’m off.
We will pick up where we left off…
What’s up with my face?
“I’m changing my nickname,
from Teo-4-life to Vitamin-Sooyong…”
It’s a good thing, though.
Jay Love’s fans are supporting us as well.
We’ve introduced the new member
on the official site.
Now, Yunwoo and Teo will have
a chicken ad meeting at 4:00.
Manager Hur will accompany you.
Irib is off to the World Youth
Weekly Quotes shoot.
An A&R meeting for Sooyong at 3:00.
That’s all for today.
How was the demo track?
Well, Kevin made it. What more can I say?
You’re right. It’s as trendy as it comes.
Gyudo, how about you?
Oh, yeah. It’s really catchy.
I liked it.
If it were a jam, I’d say it’s…
Strawberry jam?
He’s so obsessed with jams.
Is it because I mentioned them earlier?
What I meant to say is,
the song’s quite familiar.
Which part? Melody? Rhythm? Hook?
I thought you didn’t know
much about K-pop.
So it’s your song.
Not all of them are,
they’re just in-house favorites.
Right, how about a meal analogy?
It’s disgusting? Like jam on rice?
No, I’m thinking about gimbap.
I think it might go well
with some noodles.
Any more thoughts?
The song mixes SOUL’s image
with Kevin’s producing style,
so it’s a good pop song.
I get what Sooyong is saying,
but I don’t think your vague reviews
are necessary at this point.
Do you know how much is spent on an album?
No, I don’t.
At the very least,
we’re looking at 200 million won.
We have to choose a title first,
then the matching session.
Then recording, choreography,
concept meetings…
And a whole lot of promotions.
Don’t you agree?
Where’s the head of promotions?
Come to think of it,
I haven’t seen the Chief.
The Chief took a leave of absence today.
Right, on this particular day.
Anyway, Sooyong.
Comments like
“not interesting” and “familiar,”
jams and noodles are not really helping.
We need clear criticism.
Because we are not living off our name.
How about this?
Since we have some time left
to choose the title song,
Sooyong should
have his song reviewed as well,
then we can choose.
Like an auction.
Right, any entertainment show plans
for SOUL’s comeback?
SOUL manager?
Nothing’s fixed so far.
I’ll request some interviews
on the date of the album release.
Did I hear this right?
So no entertainment show
before the release?
You’re basically saying there are
no posters until a movie is out.
Are you out of your mind?
The release is not that far off.
I used to sleep in TV stations
when Icarus made their debut,
in order to get them on one show.
An entertainment show
is better than multiple music shows.
You know that, right?
Help her out, Mr. Kim.
It can be a tough job for a newbie.
Are you sure you want the job?
I’m sorry, ma’am.
It’s just a question, not sarcasm.
Of course. I’ll do my best.
I’m well aware of your enthusiasm.
But since you don’t have a mentor,
you’ll at least need a guidebook.
-It’s our tradition.
I got it from Mr. Baek, too.
Thank you, ma’am.
Although I think he got the idea
from a Japanese novel.
Don’t open it now.
Mr. Kim!
Don’t just stand there, come in.
Yes, I was just about to come in.
Can you advise her
on the entertainment shows?
Yes, sure.
Trust me on this one.
I can launder their background
crystal clear.
CP Yong from JTBS is starting a new show.
You know him, right?
Sure, I know him too well.
I know you’re not cool with him,
but he’s good at what he does.
Hey, beautiful. You’re doing fine.
Yeah, dude. We’ve worked together before.
I see a deer with bent shoulders.
Hang on, come here.
What happened to your shoulders?
-Straighten up.
Hard times?
Yes, a bit.
I’ll call you back when the lineup is set.
Good afternoon.
Hey, I recognize you.
Eunbin’s friend, right?
-Yoo Eunsung.
That’s it. Eunjung.
-It’s Eunsung.
-Yes, Eunjung.
Dropped out right before the debut.
Yes, I am that dropout!
Nice to see you.
You, too.
I can’t believe you are managing
for the guys who messed up your debut.
I was just not good enough
to make it, that’s all.
You know I liked you, right?
I’m the one who got you on screen.
Anyone up for the center? Be honest.
Me! Can I do it?
Really drives me crazy.
Always disgusts me.
So gross.
How can they edit it like this?
Do you remember?
This was your interview
about the cockroach.
You’re trending.
“Yoo Eunsung attitude,”
“Go to hell, Yoo Eunsung.”
That’s my shoe!
They really drive me crazy!
So disgusting.
Yong, you…
Thanks to your manipulative editing,
I got ridiculed and my ranking dropped,
and you’re saying that helped me?
Is this guy serious?
That’s how I made you popular
with the audience.
Yes, I do have you to thank for that.
By the way, where is SOUL?
One of the members goes to school.
They are on their way now.
I’m preparing a new show,
and they might fit well.
Really? Thank you so much.
I think we have a lot to discuss.
Let’s go and have a talk.
-Follow me.
-Mr. Yong.
The director was looking for you.
-Yes, we should go.
-Wait here.
Why would the director be…
That man and his habits.
-Thank you.
-I felt bad for you.
I didn’t know you were still
working with him.
He doesn’t allow me
to work on other shows.
You know, I became a producer
because I really like music.
Then you should make one.
Like “Sketchbook”?
Actually, I’ve been planning a show
for a while.
It’s about a boy and a girl idol
making music.
How’s this for the title?
I love it.
-Yeah? It’s not childish?
-It’s like
“We Got Married”
and “Music & Lyrics” combined.
That’s the idea. Is it obvious?
No, it’s good that it’s clear.
You should pick one of our members
when the show gets made.
I can promise you that
if the show gets made.
But seriously, how is it?
You have good instincts.
You shocked me before.
“You go with this, today…
Hyein, you shouldn’t tie your hair.
What about me?
Go with a ballad.
-It’ll be a score.
You might pull it off with a cute style.
-I’m cute?
-Yes, you are!
-Thank you.
-Soomin should cry.
You have to show some tears.
You do this, you do that…”
I thought you were a psychic.
It was all so true.
I would say it’s just a good hunch.
Only works for others, too.
So I’d like to ask.
Should I quit my job?
You’re considering it?
If I stay here, I’m afraid I’ll play
Yong’s minion until God knows when.
I’m thinking of heading out
and focusing on my show.
What do you think?
I think this topic is too serious
to be discussing with me.
You said you have hunches for others.
I know, but still…
To be honest,
I already have my answer.
The resignation letter’s in my drawer.
I just asked to hear you out.
In my opinion,
quitting is not that bad.
When my trainee days ended,
I thought that was it.
Because my only dream, back then,
was to become an idol.
But as someone told me,
a new door opened
when the old one was shut.
Thank you.
I think that’s what I wanted to hear.
Good luck!
Good luck!
It’s basically a program
for rehabilitating troubled idols.
Those troubles include drugs,
drunk driving and plagiarism.
That’s right. Beware the perfect title.
“From Trouble to Triumph.”
That pretty much sums it up.
What should we do with Yang Hyunmin?
Drugs, drunk driving and gambling.
Where does he go?
That’s none of our business.
We never drank and gambled.
I didn’t ask for your opinion, kid.
I think they were having
their own discussion.
I’ll believe you.
And what do you mean,
“none of your business?”
You guys are copycats.
Actually, we are not anymore.
Sooyong here wrote the song…
Don’t feed me your crap.
Once a copycat, always a copycat.
But never mind,
because this laudable launderer
will clean you
into brand spanking-new idols.
Already makes me dance.
Fun, right?
Mr. Yong,
this is their comeback in two years,
-and this kind of show–
“This kind of show?”
Don’t you wanna
get them back on their feet?
They can drop as many songs as they want,
but who’s gonna listen?
I know they don’t have many fans.
Let alone their own DC gallery.
I’ll tell you where you are right now.
Down here, on the floor.
The very surface of the floor.
It’s your duty to make yourself known
no matter what it takes.
Am I wrong?
You, big eyes. Tell me.
It’s Kim Teo.
His name’s not “big eyes.” It’s Kim Teo.
-It’s not polite to–
-Oh, my.
You even lack common sense.
I’m deeply sorry, sir.
Sooyong’s recently arrived from Mongolia.
I don’t think he has
a grain of sense in him.
And you’re right. I’m big-eyes Teo.
Kim Teo!
If you say it backwards, it’s Otte Kim!
-Please remember me.
-He’s good. Pretty cute.
We would really like to go on the show.
Two, three.
We’ll do our best.
Is that so?
But I think your manager
might be having other thoughts.
I don’t have the authority
to make this call.
I’ll let the company know.
You’ll what?
You really don’t know how to accept gifts.
I think I might be dying.
This is a great opportunity.
I mean, it’s CP Yong!
Is he that good?
Don’t you know the three big producers?
Kim Taeho? Na Youngseok?
And Yong Soocheol.
He has so many hit shows.
What’s more, he graduated from
Seoul National University.
What about it?
It’s a big deal.
Not everyone goes to that place.
He’s from that university?
How do you know about all this?
You could call me
the Gossip Girl of idols.
Is a TV show a must for musicians?
It’s the most efficient way
of making names for ourselves, that’s why.
I don’t like that dude.
Schooler, what do you know?
I got ears, you know.
He’s got a bad reputation.
Irib, you rude little…
Always on his little phone.
Who’s that? He’s good-looking.
I don’t believe it.
He must be from another world.
Ms. Kang, I have a quick question.
Please call me.
A book?
“Peter Trugger?”
He’s not Peter Trucker.
Peter Drucker.
Such a show-off.
So tired.
So he’s famous?
He’s the man who spread
the concept of management.
Oh, “Peter.”
The father of management?
So he’s the ancestor
of entertainment agencies.
Well, he did define people as assets.
Can I apply what’s in the book
to the K-pop world?
Do American artists
go on TV shows before a release?
Check it out yourself.
What about the other members?
They’re on a diet
for the sake of the comeback.
That applies to you as well.
You have a photo shoot in three days.
This does nothing to my body.
I saw your InBody results.
That’s personal information!
Sooyong, nothing is personal between us.
Because I am your manager!
This is Eunsung from Starlight.
Eunbin’s friend!
Yes, Mr. Yong.
You up for a meeting right now?
Sorry? You mean now?
-I’ll tell you where I am.
-“World Cup Noraebang?”
You’re not coming?
Off-hours or not, you should be working.
Yes, of course. I’ll be there.
Yep, okay.
God, I’m screwed.
Calling me out at this hour…
Why can’t you let me have a decent meal?
Should I come with you?
I’m going there to work.
I know that, but it’s too late.
Sooyong, get this.
You’re the artist, and I’m your manager.
So what?
You’re not the one managing me,
I’m supposed to be the one
worrying about you.
No one worries about me but myself.
Do you understand?
No, I don’t understand.
I’m telling you to back off.
I’m a manager and you’re an artist.
Got that?
I’m pigging out today.
I thought this was a concert.
I love your reactions.
You guys know this
Korean Wave heart signal, right?
You know where it’s from?
It’s right from here.
So if you…
You came!
-Come here.
Eunbin’s friend.
Heavy traffic?
Not much, because it’s late.
And it takes you 20 minutes
from Cheongdam to Sinsa?
You, how long did you take?
It took me five minutes.
Three for me.
I’ll step on it, next time.
So, what did Kang say?
I haven’t actually got through to her yet.
She went to Japan in a hurry
to take care of Icarus’ tour extensions.
I’m pretty sure there’s a way to call her.
Yes, but Ms. Kang rarely answers
when she’s in a meeting.
I left her a text message,
so it won’t take long.
So what Eunbin’s pal is telling me is
that I should sit and wait
until Kang gives her orders.
I’ll call her right away.
What are you doing?
I can’t hear you singing.
Okay, our youngest. Come on up.
Give me the number.
-1, 4, 5, 8.
-1, 4, 5, 8. Got it.
You know that’s your job, right?
Yep, I’ll schedule it for tomorrow.
What’s that sound? Are you at a karaoke?
I’m in…
Are you with CP Yong?
That’s not how you do the job!
Get out of there.
Okay, I’ll just let him know
that I’m leaving.
Yes, all right.
What the hell are you doing?
Keep on singing.
What’s wrong with you?
A well-known entertainment producer Mr. Y
was accused of sexual harassment.
Mr. Y?
Sexual harassment?
Why am I seeing this?
Producer Y?
Who’s Mr. Y?
Mr. Y as in CP Yong?
Take your filthy hands off her.
You out of your mind?
I think you’re the one
who’s out of his mind.
Who are you to harass her?
Do you think Ms. Shin is working here
just to get groped by you?
Eunbin’s pal.
You want to quit your job?
I don’t know.
You wanna bet who stays longer
in this game?
Mr. Bang!
Eunsung, good morning.
Why didn’t you answer my calls?
I’ve been calling you since last night.
I was editing all night.
Didn’t realize my phone was dead.
Did you quit your job?
I was on my way to quit.
You know about my hunch.
Just trust me and wait a few days.
I have an appointment with the director.
Postpone it.
It’s not gonna do you any harm.
You’re right, but…
Wait a minute.
There’s something, right?
What is it?
When your show gets made,
you need to invite a SOUL member
as one of the first guests, promise?
-Yes, Mr. Kim Hyunjo.
-Hey, Eunsung.
-What’re you–
-I’ll call you back.
Ms. Yoo!
Thank you for yesterday.
Don’t thank me. You’re the one
who had to work with that bastard.
I am fully on your side.
Okay. Thanks to you,
every time I see his face from now on,
I’ll be able to think back to yesterday.
-So you’re still working with him?
To be honest, I was planning
to expose everything I’ve been through.
But I’ve decided to hang on.
Well, wouldn’t it be better
to let it out first,
and work without–
That will happen after a few years
when I have enough proof.
You’ll always be my role model until then.
What the hell?
So Yong gets to stay?
This isn’t what I saw.
You need to get a grip and just handle it.
What’s happening?
What in the name of God are you up to?
Anything wrong?
Yong banned Starlight artists
from going on any of his shows.
He’s to become
the Entertainment Director soon,
and he’s planning
to ban all Starlight celebrities.
What did you do yesterday?
Let’s begin.
Yunwoo’s gone to the filming studio.
I don’t know.
I don’t know many of them.
Son Naeun?
Jeongyeon from TWICE, Joo E from MOMOLAND.
But, of course, my true favorite is SUZY.
I like her song.
“Purple Aroma.”
Love means you always think of that person
and worry about that person.
So, we are going on a prime-time show?
I’m out.
Pretending to like someone I don’t,
I can’t do that.
I thought this program
was more about music.
Who are our customers?
“Music matters more than entertainment.”
No, wait…
I’m trying to say that entertainment
is also important.
Why are you following me?
Because it bothers me.
You are not even my boyfriend.
Why do you care about my office hours?
I’ll go on the show.
You heard me.

Zane Wilson

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