Can Money Buy Happiness?

While many of us go through life
with the persuit of money on our minds, we’re often told that
money can’t buy happiness. But what truth is
there in the saying? Is there a correlation
between money and happiness? And, if so, how can we use
it to our advantage? Humans are very
sensitive to change. When we get a raise or
commission, we really enjoy it. But we adapt at incredible
speeds to our new wealth. Some studies have shown
that in North America, additional income beyond $75.000 a year
ceases to impact day-to-day happiness. In fact, people who win the lottery often
report becoming extremely unhappy. They often end up spending
all the money, going into debt and experience ruined
social relationships. So, surely money can’t
really buy happiness. Well, recent studies suggest that
the problem may actually be in the way we spend money. Instead of buying things for yourself,
try giving some of it to other people and see how you feel. Studies show that people who spend
their money on others feel happier. And while people who
spend it on themselves don’t necessarily become less happy,
their happiness is unchanged. The same principle has been tested
on teams and organizations as well. One experiment showed that
instead of an organization writing a large check to a charity, dividing
the amount up amongst employees and allowing them to contribute
to a charity of their choosing, increased their job satisfaction. Similarly, individuals that spend
monetary incentives on each other, as opposed to themselves,
increase not only job satisfaction, but improve team
performance and sales. This has been seen in both
sales and sports teams. Almost everywhere we look
in the world, we see that giving money or gifts to others is
possitively correlated with happiness. Interestingly, the specific way the
money is spent on others isn’t important. From trivial gifts to major charity
efforts, spending something on others is the important aspect
in increasing your happiness. The emotional rewards of pro-social spending
are even detectable at the neural level. If you are going to spend the money
on yourself, try to go after experiences, as opposed to material things. Traveling or going to an event is more impactful
for the vast majority of people in the long run. And while you’re saving up
for these big experiences, don’t forget about
the daily joys in life. Many small frequent pleasures help
to get you through the days and and encourage change,
which stimulates the brain. Instead of buying a 3,000-dollar rug that provides
a one-time experience for the next 10 years, a 5-dollar latte with friends
will be different each time, offering unique access to
happiness opportunities. Though money is unlikely to be the
main source of happiness in our lives, it certainly has the potential to make some
things easier… and complicate others. But at the end of the day, it can buy
happiness, if spent in the right way. Got a burning question
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Zane Wilson

33 Responses

  1. "Money cang buy you happiness"
    Ok, so… let me take all your moneh away, were yoh happier with it or without it? Now that your homless and starving, how happy are you?

  2. It's love that can make a person happy not money because money just buys u material things which r pointless eitherways tho lol.

  3. Money can buy happiness for a temporary moment
    I wanted an Audi for a long time and finnally got one, after driving it for a while
    You tell yourself what’s next and next?
    Never stops

    Main thing in life my elders taught me was spend social time with others and communicate.

  4. When you buy a 10 million dollar house, a 3 million dollar car and the most expensive jewelry, clothing and useless materialistic bullshit you don't have a right to complain about how being rich didn't make you happy. Money DOES bring you happiness IF you spend it wisely and use it to help you and others you

  5. This is bullshit. Duh, all rich people give some money to others to make them feel good. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg. They all do it or their rich friends think they’re assholes and you can’t have that. Money buys happiness EVEN if you don’t give it away. Not having to work, having ALL the free time you want, no job, no boss, buy whatever you need. It would take many years for you to get used to it

  6. well i will say sometimes but money isnt the root to evil it was created because of evil so it was a go to source for fairness its a divine source and it does unlock happiness but gathering it up or misusing it maybe beneficial on the goal to happiness there are rules and regulations

  7. The KEY is Own A lot of Money, but never let Money Own YOU.

    Money makes some people happy, it makes others unhappy.

    There's never one answer for everyone.

  8. Money made my childhood lit, when it came to Transformers (Toys, games, and my first theater experience: DOTM), a PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS’s, and etc…, but that’s just my opinion 🤷🏿‍♂️😃.

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