Bloopers That Actually Cost The Filmmakers A Ton Of Money

Movie bloopers are a lot of fun, plain and
simple. Film fans love to watch actors flub. And considering the way they make themselves
and their co-stars laugh when it happens, actors clearly love bloopers too. Filmmakers, on the other hand, may not love
them quite as much. Every time an actor makes a mistake, it delays
the shoot just a little, and time is money. And every so often, they’re forced to deal
with a truly world-class mess-up — a mistake that costs the production big money due to
property damage and personal injury. Seven Brad Pitt suffered a nasty injury on the set
of Seven. During one scene that called for him to chase
his suspect in the rain, he slipped and smashed his hand into a windshield, severing a tendon. Director David Fincher mentions on the film’s
DVD commentary that Pitt showed him his wound, which was so severe he could see the white
of the bone. Making the best of a bad situation, Fincher
managed to incorporate Pitt’s injury into the story of Seven by having the script rewritten
to have Pitt’s character suffer an injury in the line of duty. It added time and expense to the production
schedule. But it was probably a lot cheaper to explain
why one of the film’s main characters was suddenly wearing a cast than simply delaying
shooting long enough for Pitt to recover. Still, it didn’t solve the problem completely:
like most movies, Seven was shot out of sequence, so any earlier scene filmed after Pitt’s injury
required the actor to hold his bad hand in his pocket or behind his back. Skyfall According to writer and filmmaker Charlie
Lyne, the 2012 James Bond adventure Skyfall had to deal with some unplanned expenses because
star Daniel Craig wore a pair of leather gloves at the wrong moment. As Lyne told the story via Twitter, which
he heard from someone who worked on the film, Craig asked director Sam Mendes if he could
wear a pair of leather gloves in a particular scene. Mendes agreed, and the cast and crew got down
to work filming a sequence in which a bad guy gets Bond’s gun away from him, only to
find he can’t fire it because it has a fingerprint scanner — it will only work for Bond. “There’s a microdermal sensor in the grip. It’s been coded to your palmprint so only
you can fire it.” Months later in the editing bay, a production
assistant noticed a problem: “Then how is Bond ever going to fire it wearing
gloves? And so silence falls across the room.” After considering the costs of reshooting
the scene, the filmmakers decided it would be cheaper — although still quite expensive
— to digitally remove the gloves from Craig’s hands for the entire sequence. “If you watch the scene now, honest to god,
you can see that Bond has these ridiculously pudgy hands. He has these, like, Mr. Blobby hands. Because in every single frame, he’s wearing
these thick leather gloves that have been painted over with Craig-toned hands. The Hateful Eight To play the crafty outlaw Daisy Domergue in
Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, Jennifer Jason Leigh had to learn how to play the guitar. The lucky actress got to learn on the same
one she’d strum in the film: a vintage Martin guitar dating to the 19th century, loaned
to the movie by the Martin Guitar Museum. Leigh’s big guitar-playing moment on screen
was all planned out: while she was playing, co-star Kurt Russell was supposed to grab
it. The scene would cut and the Martin would be
traded out for a cheaper prop guitar, which Russell would smash when the cameras started
to roll again. But that isn’t what happened — instead,
Russell grabbed the real Martin from Leigh and smashed it. “Gimme that guitar.” “Music time’s over!” Leigh later told Billboard, “Kurt felt terrible;
he had no idea.” Justice League Sometimes it’s not the actor who goofs up,
it’s the studio responsible for the movie — and then they have to fork out the cash
to make things right. Warner Bros. had to reassemble the cast of
Justice League in the summer of 2017 for some crucial reshoots. Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, was among
those summoned, but there was a problem: He’d grown a mustache for his next role, in the
sixth Mission: Impossible movie, and was contractually obliged to keep it until M:I 6 was finished
filming. The facial hair scheduling snafu left Justice
League’s visual effects technicians with the job of digitally removing Superman’s mustache. Effects expert Dave Fleet told Business Insider
it could cost millions: “We would need to build a 3D model of the face and then shade
the surface of the skin to look realistic. We would then need to track the 3D model to
the movement of his head and potentially re-animate his mouth.” “That mustache has got to go! It makes you look like a total geek… It makes you look like a total geek…” The Avengers Marvel’s superhero team isn’t the only Avengers
in pop culture. There’s also The Avengers, a 1960s British
spy TV series. The 1998 film adaptation starring Ralph Fiennesand
Uma Thurman was a critical and commercial bomb, but the movie made headlines for another
type of detonation. While the crew filmed an explosion for the
movie, a few rogue sparks drifted away and hit the roof of the studio, starting a fire
that was definitely not part of the plan. A set worth a reported $1.6 million was destroyed,
along with the hopes of any sequel. “Never trust the weather, Sir August.” “Rain or shine, all is mine!” Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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Zane Wilson

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  1. omg, as a guitarist I think I would strangle Kurt Russell for smashing that guitar! That seriously made me cringe!

  2. i agree with everyone els that these werent bloopers but that hateful eight one makes that scene soooooo much more funny and awesome.

  3. So an antique Martin guitar is lost in a movie whos future is in the $1 bin of walmart. Good going Quinton…I think its time to unshackle the gimp.

  4. Dude you frickin' gave it away that superman's gonna b there. Nah just kidding, he is seen talking to Alfred in one of the trailers

  5. These are mostly continuity errors, not "bloopers". On each set there is a script supervisor who is supposed to track such issues.

  6. For the Bond one I'm not sure it's worth the cost to try to make sense of a MacGuffin? Change the MacGuffin. Or don't even worry about it. It already doesn't make sense, if it makes less sense that is hardly a problem.

  7. Wow he should shave it off and let the mi-6 director reanimate a moustache on him JUSTICE LEAGE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MI-6 by a lil tiny bit

  8. People need to chill. Although "blooper" might technically have a different meaning for a lot of these, it's an adequate shorthand for "movie production troubles and mishaps." I think we all get the idea.

  9. Haven't seen the vid yet, but I will say, superman should always have a moustache, that is a powerful facial accessory. Majestic

  10. For that fingerprint stuff ,they could've just add a dialogue saying " it can scan fingerprint even through gloves "

  11. Another blooper (not from a movie): In season two of thr grand tour? Richard hammond filled a supercar with water instead of gas. He noticed it when the engine started making weird noises but the car was already destroyed. Costs: not mentioned but probably a few hunderd thousend

  12. Ohhh so that's why the first clip of superman in JL looked weird, I nearly thought they changed the cast, his face looked so diefferent, specifically around his mouth.

  13. I love genuine freakout of JJ Leigh when Kurt Russell smashes that guitar into pillar…
    You can see her lookin' at the filming crew direction 😀

  14. What a disgrace, old era actors changed with clowns nowdays, I hate how we regress as time goes by, we used to have such a great actors/movies back then, now it's just a shitshow, we are lucky if we get one worthy movie in whole year

  15. as far as superman cgi is concern …you guys should know the cost was only on paper …. the money was actual taken by the corrupt executives of warner bros or u should say warner butchers the most corrupted, greedy production house in hollywood today from gold to shit

  16. In skyfall, couldn't they just say that there was a microchip inside of the glove which unlicks the gun instead?

  17. those Bond guys were really dumb. They could've just change the line to instead of saying it was coded to his palmprint, to have some other sort of code, like perhaps microdermal chip implanted on his hand or maybe Bond's heat signature or even maybe his glove has something that also transmits to his gun. Heck, having his gun coded to his palmprint means Bond could never be using any gloves ever to use it so he would not be able to go to any really cold place or would have to remove any special gloves to use it which would be really inconvenient. Its really a story flop

  18. After I bought a car for my film with an intention to smash it in the tree it soon died. So I had to buy another car. But instead of smashing the new car in the tree I decided to smash it in the old car. So I lost a bit of money but it was more fun.

  19. The Batman 60's TV show did a better job of removing Cesar Romero's mustache than Henry Cavill's mustache in Justice League.

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