Blackjack Strategy – Playing Aggresively

Blackjack strategy. Sometimes, with the way
the cards fall, you’ll find that the more sensible option is to play a little bit more
aggressively to try and get closer to 21. This is always the case when the Dealers card is
an 8 or above. This means that the Dealer has a very very good chance of making a total
of 17 or more for the House, so you need to try and find a total that’s a bit higher.
You take a bit more risk by taking a card. Have a look at the example I’ve set up on
the table here; 10, 15 and 6 makes 21. If that Dealer card is a low card, we would have been
playing safe. This time, because it’s a high card, we need to get a bigger total, we draw
to 21. Similarly on the 16, we take a chance, because the Dealers got a good card, we take
an extra one to make 18.Thankfully in the hand that we’ve set up, the Dealers made 17, forced
to stand and the tactic has worked beautifully. It’s up to you of course, but the general
advice is: the Dealers got a good card, you play a little bit more aggressively a bit
more dangerously because you need to make that total. Two different ways of playing,
playing safe, in this particular example playing aggressively can pay off.

Zane Wilson

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