‘All the Money in the World’ Original Trailer

To Be A Getty…. Is an Extraordinary Thing My Grandfather Wasn’t Just The Richest Man In The World He Was The Richest Man In The History Of The World We Look Like You, But We Are Not Like You It’s Like We’re From Another Planet Where The Force Of gravity Is So Strong, It Bends The light It Bends People Too Mr. Getty Your Grandson– Ms. Getty We Have Your Son Is This Some Kind Of A Joke? Seventeen Million Dollars To Release Him I Don’t Have Any Money Get It From Your Father-In-Law He Has All The Money In The world Mr. Getty is Unavailable I’m Sorry Miss Getty I Work For Mr. Getty I will Help You Find Yourself I’m not a Real Getty I Just Married one I’m fighting An Empire You Need To Pay The Ransom They Will do Things To Paul Than Cannot Be Undone, For Any Amount Of Money NO! I Asked As a Mother It Said My Boy Freezes We Have To Show We’re Willing To Walk Away I Can’t Walk Away Mr. Getty, How Much Would You Pay To Release Your Grandson If Not For 17 Million Dollars Nothing

Zane Wilson

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  1. Man I want to see the Kevin Spacey version…that stern voice and that walk. Felt like Christopher Plummer winged the whole thing…although at 88 years old I think he did a fair job.

  2. Just saw before hearing spacey was in it originally and scenes reshot. Ist off I thought movie was better than I expected. I think plumber was great at being a greedy old man and probably looks more frail than spacey would. It be interesting to watch it again with spacey. Idk if claims are true or if ridley was right to reshoot. But I wouldn't have boycotted. Even if spacey is convicted. Cause no one else in movie knew anything about allegations at time. They didn't reshoot Batman after heaths o.d. or fast movie after Paul drove too fast in real life. We all just watched and remembered how they used to be and wish it weren't true.

  3. Sorry to ruin a good movie trailer, BUT according to Bernstein and Swan in All the Money in the World (2008)  the 15 richest Americans of all time are: Number one John D. Rockefeller 2) Andrew Carnigie 3)Vanderbilt 4) Astor 5) Girard 6) Mellon 7( Stewart 8)… Well the list goes on without mention of Jean Paul Getty, but Forbes did mention him the richest American in 1957, Well, is the United States the whole world as the trailer seems to imply? The movie could have been called simply ' A Fraction of the Money of the World",..If facts conflict with the story, just come up with a better title-

  4. Wow! My personal opinion, Christopher Plummer was the better choice. 😮the guy didn’t even need makeup to look older.

  5. It has been confirmed that this actually began in the eighties and that is why Stone showed up in the first place. It has also been confirmed that Prince, Black Water was directly connected to all events in question. The Hurt Group was hired by Adil on Holdenbury. Adil was confirmed to be connected to NeJames. The old vehicles, Naples,.The Hotel of Fifth, the "David Bowie" looking man at Ashelynn's restraunt in Alabama( possibly Andrew?)….

    The US better catch up and arrest those responsible before the private police complete their job.

    My doctor was not a doctor at all…

  6. Same extras in different shots…….lazy production……..no energy…..this film maker seems to always fail to completely deliver lately……..''find better stories''

  7. I still want to see the full version of this film with Kevin Spacey at J. Paul Getty! Even though the Christopher Plummer version was pretty good!

  8. Damn! I want to see the Kevin Spacey version. I'm not saying Christopher Plummer isn't cold enough but Spacey with the makeup looks closer to the real guy.

  9. I would love it if they released the Spacey version after no one cares that he pushed a 14 year boy down onto a bed anymore.

  10. The Solitary Billionaire is on BBC iPlayer. Can someone put it on here. It is the real Getty in 1963 with Alan Whicker.

  11. it's such a same all the things that Spacey did… He is my favourite actor and i would've loved to see him in this movie

  12. i love Kevin Spacey and i guess we wont get to see his scenes, but Christopher Plummer gave a great performance plus spacey had to use old age makeup where Plummer was the right age. Spacey did it first but after seeing Plummers version i cant even think of anyone else playing that role that good even spacey.
    although spacey's would be much different i'm sure and i would like to see that someday, just to compare the 2 performances.

  13. I use boxxy software and on this service everything is for free, the movie was ok. All the actors were amazing! The suspense thereout was done perfectly!

  14. Yep, bad casting in the original first choice to play Getty. He doesn't look remotely like him – even after all that make-up! Plummer is a very capable actor, and in my opinion was a far better choice.

  15. For all of you who are comparing Spacey to Plummer, just remember that Plummer had no time to prepare for his role, absolutely no research, did not watch Spacey's performance or the trailer, and did all of his shoots in nine days. And he was 88. He deserves enormous credit for what he delivered.

  16. Tipical rich scumbag abusing his family to the point of death.power and control. Rot in he'll prick you don't have enough money for the devil.

  17. Actually the richest man in human history was Ghenghis Khan because he conquered almost 1/4 of the world’s land. The richest family of all time is probably the Rothchild.

  18. The TV show Trust has a much better story than this shit. Watch the show on FX. This movie was very rushed, and Mark Wahlberg does his "I'm serious and I'll put my face in your face" thing in every movie hes in. As a screenwriter, I have to say it felt like the producers were trying to shove all the insignificant details in one hour just to get to the credits. That's not how you're supposed to tell a damn story. It wasn't very in-depth.

  19. Just watched the Pummer version, and he was the perfectly casted actor. Kevin Spacey looks absolutely ridiculous with that makeup on! Like a waxy dummy! This was meant to happen. It was always going to be Pummer's role.

  20. This trailer is way better than the Christopher Plummer one. But after seeing it, there is no way even Kevin could have made it a good movie either.

  21. That Getty was the richest man 8n the world, at that time. But not in history. That goes to John D. Rockefeller.

  22. I love Kevin and I think accusations against him are made by greedy whore (male whore) who plans to get rich on that whole #metoo BULLSHIT.

    That being said, from what I saw here (not much at all) I think Plummer may be better for this role.

    Still, I would really like to watch Kevin version and I hope one day it will happen.

  23. Christopher Plummer was exceptional at J. Paul Getty. There was a realism to his performance that I feel Kevin Spacey's "Getty" lacked.

  24. and to think that even the Ndranghetas guy felt sorry for John Paul Getty III when his grandfather refused to pay the money asked by the kidnappers.

  25. The only way to twist this man's arm would be if his entire legacy was in danger. I wonder if he would have been willing to pay a ransom then.

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