797hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, Racing in an Airplane Graveyard

– Oi what’s up, Dan?
– Oh hey
Where’d you find this truck?
– I just bought this for 300 bucks!
(engine revving)
– [Dan] I think she’s worth quite
a bit more than 300 bucks.
– Yeah a little bit more than 300 bucks.
– I didn’t buy it he’s just,
he’s just really nice.
– [Dan] Are you sure?
– We’re gonna find out,
just don’t hit the planes!
– Well we gotta go over to this
black strip so we don’t piss anybody off.
– [Dan] Yep, all right let’s do it!
Let Zac behind the wheel,
see what’s happening.
– Feels right, baby!
(engine roaring)
We’re gonna try that one more time.
– [Dan] Try it again, take two!
– I wanna be facing this way.
(engine roaring)
(tires squealing)
(electronic music)
(country music)
Hey all, good morning.
We’re uh, here in Blytheville Arkansas,
heading back to the
ECTA Standing Mile Race
that’s going on, in
abandoned military base
right up the road, but,
while we were cruising
up we decided to stop,
in uh, in the town here
and check some stuff out.
– [Cameraman] We’re in a
building right now, that uh-
– The roofs gone
– Yeah
– So, it’s uh, not ideal race conditions.
Especially for high-speed, and tarmac.
So it’s a little bit
hazy right now, raining.
And um, it’s gonna take a while for
the track to clear out.
But we got some pretty cool opportunities
today, uh, hopefully everything clears up,
I should be able to hop in a car,
and try myself in the rookie class,
to get my license through ECTA.
I really am interested in it,
I wanna go over 150mph,
might as well try it out.
We’re here, and I really would like
to do it, so.
(country music)
– Well, pulling up.
– Mhm, looks like there’s
a few more people here.
– [Dan] There’s a quite a few more.
Everybody’s waiting,
hopefully it clears up
and we can get out
and start ripping some speed.
– [Zac] Hell yeah
(country music)
– Well we hopped in just in time to get
to a driver’s meeting, we’re
gonna drive over there because
my ankle’s still a little screwed up.
Don’t wanna walk that far.
(guitar strumming)
– Now, Dan, is filling out his paperwork,
because he is gonna be, uh,
attempting to get his license today.
– So, first I gotta do half-mile,
then uh, gotta let them know about
where I know the markers are
for half-mile, three quarter, and mile.
And then we’ll make a full pull.
Uh Paul was nice enough
to lend me the Hellcat.
So, so it’s gonna be a pretty quick one.
– Hell yeah, so Dan’s getting the Hellcat,
that dude was clicking off 180, like,
consistently all day yesterday.
– Shooting for 180!
He’s at 170 something right now,
he’s shooting for 180.
– Well I said that wrong then.
Well, as you can see uh,
conditions are not good.
It just started pouring down rain here,
so they had to call the track.
Probably better to play
it safe, at this level.
So uh, we’re gonna go get some food,
hopefully the rain clears up,
if it does it’ll start running again.
So the rain has stopped, but it’s still
just soaking wet here at the track
as you can see.
So we gotta wait for some
big puddles to clear up.
While we were driving in though,
saw this sick looking OBS, uh, Chevy.
What’s going on, brother?
– How you doing, man?
– What up?
– Up top!
– [Zac] What’s your name, man?
– My name is Arnie Gonzalez
I’m the owner of this
infamous truck called
‘Red X’.
Red X is a 1990 Chevrolet C1500,
also known as the GMT400.
– [Zac] Well hell yeah, man.
Like walk us through this, ’cause,
I saw this thing pulling up man,
and it looks like it’s a truck built
to not do truck stuff.
– [Arnie] Well, I can still go to Lowes!
I can still go to Lowes to
get some wood back there.
Um, this is an original 350 Sport,
I think I should of probably
should have led off with that,
It’s still an original 350 Sport,
it was purchased as a
manual, stick vehicle,
and um, so I’ve kept it stick.
So it was kinda rare to
find a 350 Sport V8 Stick.
So this now has an LS motor, which I guess
I’ll pop the hood now.
– Yeah go ahead.
– Let’s pop the hood here.
So now what we have in here is an LS motor
five three based, but on top of that,
we used 243 heads, which
I ported the heads out
a little bit.
And we got a set of headers, but of course
I think the part that
you liked, that it was,
it’s carbureted!
It’s a Holly 750 carbureted-
– [Zac] Ah you got that
double pumper in there?
– We got that Holly double
pumper inside there-
– [Zac] Oh shit!
– And uh, and she gets the job done.
I love the setup, very simple.
I don’t gotta worry about you know
using a laptop or nothing
I can just fine-tune it
you know and that’s it.
– [Zac] So nice, simple,
you know easy build
you can find all this stuff, like,
you find the five three
at a junkyard everywhere!
500 bucks all day!
Let’s fire this thing up
man, let’s hear it dude!
– Of course.
– [Zac] My favorite part, is this tach
and shift light. You got that-
how much you say you pay for that?
– That is from Glowshift, I wanna say
they retail for like fifty
two, fifty six bucks?
– [Zac] That’s awesome man.
Well it’s got adequate chop!
You think we can go boogie with this thing
over there a little bit?
– Absolutely, I mean,
if you’re gonna build
something like this you gotta
romp on it, a little bit.
– All right, well here let’s go play.
Let’s see what this truck do!
(engine roaring)
(tires squealing)
Yeah, buddy!
(tires squealing)
God damn!
This old truck gets down!
– Obviously we got the police,
the police coming by!
(mellow music)
– Fire it up.
– All right, first run of the day.
– [Driver] All right, let’s do it.
– Rain is gone.
– The usual?
– Big pass.
Hoping for a fast one in this bitch.
– [Driver] There you go.
(engine roaring)
– Whoa.
That’s loud.
– Let’s do it
– [Dan] Good one!
(engine roaring.)
– Let’s go for a Sunday drive.
– [Dan] It’s Saturday!
– Saturday, oh well…
(Dan laughing)
(dramatic music)
– Pulling up to the stage right now.
– All right, we’re here.
– [Dan] That’s the slowest
mile we’ve done so far.
– We’re about to do hopefully the fastest.
– Well, good luck.
– All right man!
– I’m gonna get out of here
and let you do your job.
– All right!
Thanks for coming with!
– Big Red is fired up, we’re fired up,
it’s looking real good right now.
Let’s see what goes down.
(engine roaring)
That thing is loud,
it’s gonna be real loud here in a second.
(engine roaring)
– [Crowd] Oooooh!
– Uh oh.
Well the things really loud,
it took off real fast,
it sounded all good,
until the end it sounded
like a big over rev.
Head back there
and hopefully nothings wrong.
– All right, so, here’s what happened.
We just got word, basically, it was a 2.03
and a half-mile already.
But unfortunately the car
wouldn’t go into fourth,
so, we’re gonna go and diagnose everything
see what happened.
Mind if I get a little update from you,
what’s going on?
– Looks like he’s trying
to shift into fourth
and it’s not going into gear.
So we’re trying to decide
if the tranny is bad,
or a linkage adjustment, or something.
The tranny doesn’t seem to be bad.
– In the meantime, Dan,
is gonna go and try to get
his license in a minute.
Hell yeah!
– This is Paul here.
– [Zac] Paul, what’s going on?
– How you doing?
– [Zac] Hey man we appreciate
you letting us do this.
– Not a problem.
– Pauls been ripping 170s
all day, 175 I think was
the last one?
– Yep, 175.
– But you’ve gone faster than
this before, haven’t you?
– Yeah 181 is my tops.
– 181… That’s booking man.
– [Zac] Hell yeah.
All right we’re gonna get Dan suited up.
And uh, see what he
can do in this Hellcat.
This is a Hellcat Redeye right?
– Correct.
(electronic music)
– [Robotic Voice] The
king of the quarter mile
with a time of 10.80 seconds.
This muscle car is armed
with the most powerful
production V8 engine.
For those seeking sinister strength,
look no further.
The power of the Hellcat
Redeye is anything
but an illusion.
To deliver this kind
of modern performance,
it takes a lineage of legends.
Devised to dominate with 797 horsepower,
from a 6.2 liter supercharged
high-output Hemi V8 engine,
this ride embodies high energy.
– [Zac] What’s the difference between
a Hellcat and a Hellcat Redeye?
– 797 horsepower on this versus 717
on the new regular Hellcat.
– Okay, sounds good-
Beefed up all right, deal.
Damn, 800 horsepower, stock.
– [Employee] This is the
number when you are in the car.
– Okay, got a post-it note.
– [Zac] All right.
– All right man, first
uh, do the half-mile.
Tap the breaks, coast off.
Then um, three quarter.
Tap the breaks, coast off.
– [Zac] So we got three runs?
– Three runs.
– [Zac] All right we’ll see ya.
Just give it hell all the way through.
– [Crew Chief] All right
he’s in the starter box
and, Hellcat is away, Hellcat is away.
– [Zac] So how fast you just go?
– 146 in the half.
– [Zac] All right then, that’s good!
– Yeah for the first launch.
– [Zac] Okay.
– I’ll go a harder launch.
– [Zac] All right we’ll
see you back there.
All right so Dan has
done his half-mile test.
And now he is up for
his three quarter mile.
(dramatic music)
(engine revving)
So that was the three quarter,
I think next up is the mile.
(intense music)
– Hell yeah.
– [Zac] What was that?
– 149 in the half on that one,
hopefully uh, I think to be
on par with what Pauls running
he was 150 in half,
so I’m a mile per hour off.
I think I know where I can pick that up,
and then we’re running a full mile.
– Hell yeah!
All right, here we go, Dan is in motion.
(engine running)
All right, so, old danger Dan
just went through the trap at 175
so that’s all good.
Well Dan, you did 175!
– Man it’s crazy cause like,
the first one, I was a little upset
cause I had a little wheel
spin, I was like shit.
It’s all in the first sixty feet.
Everything about this is
all in the first sixty feet.
For that car.
– [Zac] This is as
stock as you can get it.
– Frickin’ rips man, that’s
a good car. That was fun.
– [Zac] Well congratulations!
– Gonna go grab my timeslips
so I have something to hang onto.
I’m pretty stoked about it.
– [Zac] Hell yeah.
Slip out of them booties.
– [Dan] Well Paul,
thank you man that was so much fun.
– Not a problem.
– And well, we were pretty
close to each other on there.
You know, the cars consistent.
– Yeah, definitely.
– [Dan] The bug bit me.
You know this is really fun,
all right, I had a blast
and this car is just insane.
– Yep, I’m glad you had fun.
It’s a great event, I hope people see it
come out and, you know,
visit again we like doing it.
– [Dan] Thank you for the opportunity man,
Really appreciate it.
– Not a problem.
[Dan] Yep!
(electronic music)
(engine roaring)
– [Spectator] Oh fuck…
(downbeat music)
– All right, so we just
got back to the pits
we’re gonna try to figure
out what the hell happened.
You wanna walk us through
kinda what went down,
cause you look like you were cookin’.
– Yeah it felt like a really good run,
um, you know first second third
we got up into fourth, and um,
I was thinking “Ooh this
will be a good run.”
And the engine let go.
And it’s just, part of
racing, sometimes that happens
you know, we do have a backup, uh,
these guys may want to
swap it, I hope they do,
I’d love to run again.
We just have to see what these guys
are willing to deal with, because it’s
the type of thing that, you know,
they’ll probably be up most of the night
changing it, if I wanna go
racing tomorrow morning.
– [Dan] That’s racing.
– That’s racing
– That is racing.
– [Zac] Well all right man, you did rad
and you know what, we hope
to see you get another run,
if not, we’ll buy you a couple beers.
You know what I mean?
– I hope so!
I hope so guys, expect
to see us out there,
I think we will be.
– [Zac] Right on, man.
– I got the best crew around,
and they rarely let me down.
(electronic music)
– When I was younger-
– I love this one
– Well with the motor blown, uh,
we got a little bit of down time.
And obviously our day
ended a little bit early.
So, uh, luckily we are in the
beautiful great state of Arkansas.
– Our day is not ended.
– Well our day isn’t ended.
And we’re getting to do some fun stuff.
We got a nice gentleman, bring out some
custom firearms that he made, and um,
he’s letting us test them out.
– [Dan] RJ.
(gunshots firing)
(Zac and Dan laughing)
– [Dan] I think RJs done this before.
(upbeat music)
(gunshots firing)
– I got smoke in my eye.
(Dan laughing)
– [Cameraman] I wanna
go get shots of the car,
no one shoot me.
– Oh all right, so, we’re done here,
had our fun, shot some guns.
– That was just a good day all in all.
– It was.
Crazy Steve is gonna swap that new engine
into the car overnight and
uh, hopefully tomorrow,
they can click off that um-
– 250 or plus.
– That’s right.
– 250 plus is what we’re looking for.
– Hell yeah.
– Good day.
– Good day.
– Love the south.
– That’s right god dammit.
– All right, Sunday.
We’re here back at the track,
and it looks like the boys from Big Red
have the new engine in.
Dan, what are your thoughts?
– It doesn’t look like anything changed.
(Zac laughing)
– Well that’s-
and there it is!
– [Zac] Well, that’s a good sign!
– Well they worked-
worked through the night,
I mean that’s not an easy job at all.
Hopefully we get a good
Cinderella story today.
Get uh,
get a couple good passes out.
– [Zac] Oh, buddy!
That’s not good.
Hey Dan, come take a look at this!
– Ohhh boy!
– [Zac] Yeah… I’d say that’s done.
– Wow.
– [Zac] Yeah.
That’s seen better days.
– Yeah buddy.
– All right they’re about to roll,
Dan and I are up in this uh-
– [Dan] Race tower.
– Yeah.
Oh, it’s going!
– [Dan] She’s up!
(engine roaring)
– [Zac] Damn!
– [Dan] Yeah boy!
Man that thing sounds like a Jet.
– [Announcer] 191.8 in the half,
and 243.4 in the full!
– Whoo, pretty close.
– 243.3!
– [Dan] 243.
– And that’s his first run.
– Yeah.
– First run.
– I thought he was gonna take it easy.
– [Dan] (laughs) that was taking it easy!
– [Zac] All right, how’s
the new setup feeling sir?
– Pretty darn near full out,
we did 243, um, but something
something popped at the end,
it wasn’t engine related.
Uh, the way I ran that
I was kind of expecting
another five, ten, mile an hour actually
so I think that mechanical
pop I heard at the end
may have cost me some time.
Now the whole team they’re diving into
the race pack right now, they’re looking
over all the key components, and uh,
probably in the next ten fifteen minutes
I’ll hear what happened.
I have no doubt they’ll figure it out,
get it back together
and we’ll, we’ll be out there again today
and you know, I definitely
looking to break 250.
– All right, so the car is on the ground,
pretty much ready to go.
They had to change out the rear gear set,
they’re gonna get back out there,
let’s hope that this is the one.
– [Zac] Danger Dan!
– Yep!
– All right, you ready-
What’s that?
– Bam!
– [Zac] What’s this?
– [Dan] That is my class B license, so-
– [Zac] Oh shit-
– If you look on the back there,
you can see all the different
categories starting at E.
There’s 174.9, and I did
175.4 so-
– [Zac] Eat your way in!
– Peeked that right in there so now we can
go to 199 basically 200 mile per hour.
– [Zac] Hell yeah, congrats bro!
– Yeah man
– Hell yeah
– That’s a good weekend!
– All right then.
– Now we gotta make this pass.
– Hell yeah.
So Dans official now apparently.
And we got the last pass, lined up.
– [Dan] She’s fired up!
– It’s crazy you can hear that
thing start from a mile away.
– [Dan] From a mile away,
facing the other direction.
– Now we are at exactly a mile.
Ahh, here we go baby!
(engine revving)
– [Dan] Ooooh!
He was ringing them out on that one.
– [Zac] Aw man.
Let’s see what the hell he ran.
– Damn it.
– What?
– 239.
– 239?
– [Dan] That’s racing.
– That is racing.
– You guys want some chips?
– Nah we’re good, thank you brother.
Well actually, now you put em’ there.
(upbeat music)
So there you have it,
weekend on many levels,
tons of successes.
Did the Big Red team accomplish
the goal they wanted to?
Well, not exactly.
They did beat their own
personal record at this track.
Pretty sure that they actually
set their own track record,
for their class.
Regardless, either way,
we had a blast.
Dan got a frickin’ license.
And uh, you know what,
we met a lot of fun people along the way.
Anyway, see you on the
next episode of VHS.
– Sip to that.
– Let it roll.
– Check it out, man.
We’re in outer (record scratch) space.
That’s up there.
We’re up there.
(airplane engine)

Zane Wilson

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