6 PROVEN Ways to Build Wealth Outside Stock Market (make money no stocks)

Zane Wilson

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  1. People been saying the stock market was going to crash since last year. And it hasn’t. It’s almost impossible to predict a crash and I would’ve missed out on easy money if I tried to wait !

  2. I love to watch inspirational videos that put me in the mood to make money online! There are so many different ways to make money online, I explore them on my channel…expose scams….show what is working, what stopped working ect….subscribe as I try to grow my channel!

  3. Love the vid. Thanks for those 6 ways to building wealth outside of the stock market 🙂 And I have been looking at all of these options and even some other options with video games.

  4. Also I think you should try out discord. if you want a place to hang out and talk with the people who watch your videos. If you do try discord I would love to help you set it up so it looks clean and professional.

  5. This is great, Jeff! Thank you! I obviously love the stock market, but you're right, it helps me sleep at night knowing that I'm diversified (real estate, business).

    Also, because of the concerns you mentioned about the stock market, I think it's important that investors are intentional and careful about the way they invest. It's never been more important to fully understand why you're invested the way that you are – you shouldn't just invest a certain way because it's what someone (or some "expert") says. If the market starts to crash you need to understand each and every one of your positions and know how they'll react – that way, hopefully, you won't respond quite so emotionally! That's why I make sure all my stocks are asymmetrically skewed to the upside (ideally 100%), have limited downside risk, and have an identifiable catalyst or two to help wake the market up to their value!

    Best of luck to all of you out there in the market (or doing any of these things Jeff mentions)! Take care!

  6. I keep considering REITs, then for some reason I change my mind. I think I am concerned with rising interest rates, but I need to just do it!

  7. Jeff Rose, wouldn't it be better to stick with an annuity with the lowest fees possible instead of a whole life policy? Don't know if you would ever exceed the amount you could invest in a non-qualified account.

  8. Great video Jeff! Quick question, how did dropping certifications and licenses to be able to vlog/blog freely affect you strictly on your financial advisor duties? Would it be possible for someone starting out to be able to survive without those licenses?

  9. Thanks for your permission to take it easy on paying off my debt. I only have student loans but since I'm a teacher it'll be forgiven in 10 years. I'll look into paying off my debt in 5-10 years instead of the 2 years I thought of doing. I was willing to eat noodles and live like I was in poverty to do it too.

  10. *Dividend stocks beats the 4%
    *Peer to Peer Lending/Establish companys:www.fundingcircle.com//Lendingclub:www.lendingclub.com
    *Cardone Real estate>>https://cardonecapital.com/ 10 k starting

  11. Thanks for a great video Jeff, tons of great info.Going to be starting a Shopify Store or Amazon FBA and I will be documenting my progress from start to finish so others can see for themselves if these actually work. Anyone who would like to watch let me know.

  12. Jeff, love the videos. What are some ideas to make money if I was fluent in a few languages? Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, & (english).

  13. I am currently paying off debt. I own renal property, however I want to look into REITs and that chick-fil-a franchise is something I am interested in.

  14. Be a private lender, and charge a small but reasonable interest for small businesses. You just have to do all the work. I just don't know how to be a licensed lender in the U.S.

  15. Hey guys, I am inspired and I want to go very far in life! I am right at the start to build an online business so check out my channel if you want to follow my journey!! I am excited!!!

  16. Investing in Real Estate!! I've already begun my journey in learning about it! Looking at the viable ways to implement… Glad to hear about Fund Rise… that may be an excellent jumping off point for me!! Thanks for your AWESOME info!!

  17. You can create that 'Family Bank System' through a Whole Life Insurance product that protects your cash value that you can use as leverage anytime.

  18. Amazing Video my friend. I have a question. Why didn't you include Network Marketing Companies? And What is your opinion about them. Thank you for your response. God bless you 🙂

  19. I thought of starting my own retirement center lol… I might be too busy doing in-home care in the future or whatever else I decide to do.

  20. money is man-made. what God offers in the afterlife for those who worship and exalt his name and turn to his son for repentance is beyond any natural conception of happiness.

  21. Great information. The key is executing and taking action. Too many people watch and do little to nothing with the information.

  22. Great information. The key is executing and taking action. Too many people watch and do little to nothing with the information.

  23. Great video Jeff! I have made the majority of my money from the stock since 2007 but lately I’ve been taking some capital off the table and diversifying into multiple income streams.

    I’ve started investing in peer to peer lending using lending club and achieving a 21% ROI with No Defaults!

    I’ve invested in Fund Rise but haven’t had the best experience. Having an ROI of roughly 2%

    I’ve recently started working on getting my Real Estate License in order to start my own business and take advantage of all the tax benefits associated with being self employed.

    I’m also looking into accumulating rental properties. Using the BRRRR method, I’ll be able to pick up inexpensive properties, remodel them and increase the possible cash flow. I’ll use this cash flow to pay down the principal and accumulate equity in order to do a cash out refinance and repeat the process.

    I’ve always enjoyed videos like these that really get your mind going with many ideas of creating income.

    Thanks for this video Jeff! Keep them coming! 😁👌

  24. Thanks Jeff, I'm an avid fan! How about investing in insurance called 'Combined Insurance?' I'll appreciate your response

  25. Thank you, Mr. Rose, YOU are an amazing human being! The free advice and suggestions you provide are extremely valuable and help your audience grow. I have subscribed because I want you to continue to flourish in every aspect of your life.
    I am a disabled 51 year-old college graduate and USMC veteran with $ZERO debt and I've begun investing in ETFs. I don't really have assets, either, so I need to build wealth. Thank you for these ideas; an online business may be my best option.

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