4 Pound Feast: Tomahawk Steak & Lobster w/sides – “Tablita for Two” from Red O | FreakEating

what’s up everybody we’re back at red O
in Newport Beach and this time we’re checking out a special table for two
featuring a two-pound tomahawk steak a one-pound Maine lobster tail and several
sides it’s the appropriately named tab Lita
for two and I imagine it makes a great romantic meal for two people with normal
appetites with no fanfare no BS and no Stalin let’s just get down to the food
the start traction on this plate is the 32 ounce tomahawk steak which is tender
and flavorful on its own but paired with the tahini butter it’s out-of-this-world
Tajin butter is literally melted butter mixed with chili seasoning salt and
lemon it seems simple enough but it adds a lot of texture and a proper amount of
spice without getting to be too much the big steak is paired with a massive
lobster tail the lobster tail looks less impressive out of its shell but it is
incredibly soft and sweet in some ways I like to think of the
lobster tail as the dessert of this platter but it’s not just about the
mains here this tablet or two comes paired with several large sides there’s
a bowl of Spanish red rice a bowl of freshly made wakka moly
a bowl of freshly chopped pico de gallo and a bowl of black beans topped with
that delectable cotija cheese cotija cheese is a dry salty cheese indigenous
to Mexico a compared to parmesan in some ways in terms of its texture
I feel cotija is an underutilized cheese that adds a ton of flavor and texture to
nearly any dish I’d like to see more places use it and I’m glad that red OH
does you also get roasted fajita style vegetables next to the steak and a
generous helping of either flour or corn tortillas so you can kind of build your
own tacos I went with flour tortillas each side is about a half a pound of
food so all together with the tortillas and – a lobster shell and the tomahawk
bone this platter for two weighs in around four and a half pounds of food it’s really an exquisite dinner for two
this is something you’re gonna be eating every day would make it a lot less
special but it is something memorable and it will make an impression upon you
to see it up close I was especially throw up with the tenderness of the
steak and the buttery smoothness of the guacamole I also thought it was really a
nice touch that they kind of prepped the lobster tail in front of you the chips
and salsa on the table are not part of the actual tablet amel they’re our
normal appetizer available at this restaurant the same goes with a glass of
orange juice which I thought will be a great complement for all the meaty
flavors on the table for two I probably didn’t need to get the chips and salsa so have you may be curious about what a
tomahawk steak is and I’ll be honest and say that until recently I wasn’t sure
myself so I did some reading did some studying it’s a rib eye steak cooked
with several inches of the rib bone still attached it makes for an
impressive little show when the steak is sliced off the bare bone that comes off
then resembles a tomahawk axe thus the origin of the name I’ve never had one
before so I thought it was kind of a really cool presentation especially if
you have a bone to pick with someone and boom goes the dynamite that was
definitely the most delectable and delicious meal I’ve eaten in the past
several months sushi notwithstanding check out red Oh
in the link down below to find out more about their two blue t42 meal and
remember they have locations in La Jolla Santa Monica and Newport Beach hit the
like button if you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you all in the next one
till we eat again stay in school don’t do drugs and eat like a freak

Zane Wilson

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  1. Man I wish I could find a challenge like this along my trips. I need to but this on my list to try and get to. I have done the one in Albuquerque for the Fireman Burrito at Cecilia's but this right here is gonna be my next New Mexico challenge. Nice job as usual and gr8 video.

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