2019 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Review | carsales

There’s something wrong with this picture.
I’m in it.
Yep neither Sam ‘Supercar’ Charlwood or
Mike ‘Maximum Attack’ Sinclair are here
for carsales at Phillip Island to drive the
new Lamborghini Huracan Evo.
What on earth can be going on!
Clearly they’ve both got something better
to do …
Although what could top driving the Raging
Bull’s latest model at one of the world’s
great motor racing circuits is hard to imagine.
Anyway, their loss … etcetera.
So what is the Evo?
Essentially it’s a mid-life overhaul of
Lamborghini’s entry-level two-seater …
… although calling it entry-level is kinda
low-balling considering this thing is a $460,000
plus on-road costs…
There are engine updates boosting power and
A suspension retune…
Rear wheel steering … in addition to all-wheel
And extensive reworking of the body to improve
aerodynamics and generate more of that all-important
downforce …
… or grip to you and me.
But perhaps the most interesting and important
new feature of the Huracan Evo is this predictive
driving function which adjusts the car’s
behaviour to suit your driving mood…
A bunch of sensors measure roll, yaw and pitch
and adjust the adaptive dampers, traction
control, four-wheel torque vectoring, all-wheel
drive and all-wheel steering.
The results are just stunning … this car
has such high limits…
Way beyond mine… what a ride
And all the while that brilliant 5.2-litre
naturally-aspirated V10 engine sits behind
your left ear roaring, barking, crackling,
firing flame out the high-mounted exhaust
and revving beyond 8000rpm.
We didn’t hit the peak performance claims,
but seeing 270km/h on the speedo down Gardner
Straight was pretty awesome …
Response from the engine in most aggressive
Corsa mode is massively instant – there’s
just no turbo lag here…
And the seven-speed DCT just ka-chungs through
the gears impossibly quickly.
The Evo takes over from the LP 610-4 as the
wild Huracan Performante’s understudy … what
it lacks is the latter’s active aero and
therefore ultimate handling ability.
Having said that it’s hard to actually imagine
too many vehicles being that much faster than
the Evo.
Its speed and capability is all encompassing…
The enjoyment, the reward, the engrossing
in-the-moment satisfaction of driving it at
at speed at a place like Phillip Island is
a very special experience.
Hmmm, it’s easy to understand why Sam and
Mike keep volunteering for these supercar
drives …
But boys, you’ve definitely missed out this

Zane Wilson

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